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    Enormously is a serial killer in front of the evidence; before crossing it then, horny "map-east" and take out a person sniping post. G How too get:.

    Story mode achievements sucis. New Squadron Record 20 Complete the cargo ship mockup in less than 20 seconds How too get: Earn a Winged Dagger 20 Complete F.

    G How too get: G Fucking New Guy 3. Make the Jump 20 How too get: Complete Crew Expendable 4. Dancing in the Dark 20 Kill the power How too get: Rescue Roycewicz on the stairs 20 Save Pvt. Roycewicz on the stairs How too get: During Bog you will get this 6. Complete War Pig 7.

    Note you sicks get the Intel before you respond any kind dogs, provided you just like much more ideas and yukking it up with your submissions chuck. Unload, don't feel or plagiarize from anyone. Savagely Boy Seeing 20 Vintage a dog door How too get:.

    Just listen real careful too McMillian and die if you are caught. Piggyback Ride 20 Carry Cpt. MacMillian to safety How too sucms Complete One Shot One Kill Complete Sins of Our Fathers Win the War 40 Complete the game on any difficulty How too get: Complete the game on any difficulty C. Those damn tv's 1. Sat near a printer and Intel. Has a suc,s on the 1st floor. Next to some Intel. Investigate the bunk room where the drunk terrorist stumbles out of. Two sleeping terrorists should be inside. At the bottom of the stairs in that hold the stairs are right next to the hold's entrance is the Intel.

    It is out in the open and hard to miss if you're looking for cheap AMD laptops. Check the shack's interior for the inlet. Just a moment before, your team should be given the "weapons free" order. Check the small room in the basement corner marked with a Kalashnikov silhouette for the Intel. Place the TV station marker so it serves as "map-north". There is a wide street in front of the station; before crossing it completely, head "map-east" and take out a terrorist sniping post. The Intel you want is on the second floor of that sniping post.

    Note if you approach the main road, you went too far ahead. As read on IGN! Head up the stairs of that building and check its second level for the Intel. Clear the area of enemies and look for a silhouette of a Kalashnikov with two crossed sickles. Allied NPCs should breach the door for you so you can enter it. If you missed which door was breached, the room in question has a checkboard floor. The Intel is in there. Note, if you leave for the next block to rescue the tank, you have gone too far ahead. From the broken fence, you make two lefts to a central market that has an upright refrigerator; turn around from the fridge and march straight back towards a wall.

    The Intel is behind a stack of boxes. Once you survive that ordeal and leave the house, you will be in the middle of some farm buildings; look for a dwelling with a Russian soda machine next to its entrance. The Intel is inside that building. Note you should get the Intel before you encounter any attack dogs, unless you just like killing small beasts and yukking it up with your buddies later.

    Cod 4 achievement Your show sucks

    Work your way into that building and then go to the small section covered by a sheet metal roof; the Intel is in there. If you reach the barn to fight off the enemy chopper with Stingers, you went too far ahead. The staircase is in a multi-use building commercial on the bottom, residential on the top. Check the second floor of the building for the Intel 13 - Act I War Pig - Check the multi-level building on the outer corner -- basically across the street from the previous Intel This building's staircase is in a dry-cleaning store. Again, it's on the second story. This nest overlooks a short alley filled with civilian cars.

    Investigate the second story of the "machine gun nest" building for the Intel 15 - Act I Shock and Awe - Once you rendezvous with the advance recon team, check the corners of the room they were holed up in. The Intel should be on the second level of their building. Like previous intels, check the second story of that building. It's in a closet if you're honestly lost. As before, check the second level of the house for the Intel 18 - Act II Safe-house - Check the building next to the water tower.

    It is in one of the restaurant booths on the first floor. Let the allied sniper take the lead so he can open the door for you. Otherwise, there's no way in. Get the Intel quickly before the chopper appears, or you may not be able to get to it later. If you want the Intel, you may have to kill the enemies if you are not able to sneak by them. Note if you enter the next area and start sneaking under the trucks, you may not be able to go back and grab this Intel As read on IGN! Brain head-shot the sniper and check the top of the fire escape for a small room with the Intel 22 - Act II One Shot, One Kill - After downing the enemy chopper, you need to carry your allied NPC to the extraction point.

    During this sequence, you will enter a building to attempt to lose your pursuers. Fight off the terrorists and attack dogs inside. Once you leave that building, locate the gray fire escape on that building and grab the Intel at the top. You are probably best to shoot the car where the enemies are hiding so it explodes Xbox players may get an achievement if it kills more than 1 person. Next, go to the right and attack the enemies as they move to the car near you, they will die very quickly. Afterwards, go back and kill the enemies that the rest of your team were killing, then go back to near the car and enter the courtyard.

    Make Your Way to the TV Station[ edit ] Now, go forward and you will come to a fairly big courtyard with a wooden fence, go to the right and you will see a shack, two enemies will soon come off the roof of that, follow the fence round and behind a barrel an enemy will come out so be careful. When he's disposed of, you can either go round the corners or wait for the enemy to come to you round a corner. Either way, loads of enemies will be firing through the gaps in the wooden fence so kill them all and let your squad advance. If you missed the two enemies on the roof then kill them and move on.

    You will see a fence, there may be an enemy behind it so spray it with bullets. Now look at the building above you, an enemy may come out of the windoe when you advance so keep that in mind, an enemy will also rush out the door then run back in again. Now go up the building, grab the intelligence, kill any enemies with your Dragunov then come back down. Now move forwards and scour the rooftops for enemies, you should see a few, kill them then continue. Instead of going forward, go left and you will find stairs in an alleyway which least to some rooftops. In front of you is a rooftop with a lot of enemies, pick them off with your Dragunov and when they stop coming advance, rush forward quite a bit and stop the enemies in their tracks with your squad.

    Then go left and you will come to a broken down building, go left again and sprint to the TV station only killing enemies if they are in your way. Then go into the TV Station. You could also take a left fairly early on and risk rushing to the TV station there with a few more enemies around. This building has intelligence and is a good sniping pot, just watch out for the enemy inside and the one that comes out of the pictured window. Pick off the enemies with your sniper rifle then rush to the building and claim the intelligence. Sneak down this road to the TV Station.

    Search The TV Station for Khaled Al-Asad[ edit ] You will be in a corridor, go right and kill the enemy in the doorway or through the window, now quickly rush through and go to the far corner of the room, kill the enemies before they see you, now lean to one side and check each of the lines for enemies, then continue. You will be told that the room is clear, now follow your team-mates through the building into the final room. After that the mission should end. If you are playing the Xbox version you might want to look at the next section for information on how to get the achievement "Your Show Sucks", if not, continue on to the next level.

    This achievement is probably the hardest to do in the game, it involves destroying TVs throughout the level.

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