• Training her husband using orgasm denial

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    Reverently war the whole in his erection, she sits to put on her early clothing. Is it very that a vasectomy could act together orgasm hard and have the couple of making him much more interesting. Extra Elise, ever since I got my expiration to agree to attorney dominating me, she has been dating me instructions only by using me off with her pelvic.

    It is different for the female as they have self-control and, therefore, she enjoys all forms of sexual pleasuring within our relationship. Typically, I am allowed a release no sooner than every 7 to 10 days and often I must wait 14 to 21 days. She notices that I become much more docile, respectful and subservient after 5 to 7 days following my last release. Often after pleasuring her, she simply tells me that it would be good for me to Training her husband using orgasm denial and that it would make her happy for me to save my sexual energy. Well, the days go on and on but not without my hope and anticipation and she always says "maybe tomorrow, if you are good.

    A denied husband is an obedient husband. But, in time, I realized that actually missed the point. I realized that in an elegant female led marriage there can really only be one sexuality - the wife's. To talk about the submissive husband's frustration is to acknowledge the importance Training her husband using orgasm denial the submissive husband's sexual desires even if the dominant wife choses to do nothing to relieve them. This is profoundly distasteful. The procedure used is aimed at allowing him only the weakest muscle contractions as he reaches orgasm.

    Unless the slave is properly conditioned, he is likely to seek ways to increase his pleasure during the procedure. He will begin to clench certain muscles at the proper moment, thereby having stronger contractions and a more pleasurable orgasm. The box can be a nice locking tea caddy found at furniture stores in most malls. He should then be ordered to keep the box and its contents in a place of honor. Perhaps his Mistress would like him to maintain a votive candle burning in front of it at all times. Or, she might like him to purchase an expensive silk cloth as a cover for the box.

    You want the subject to acquire strong association with the place and the equipment. By sight and the smell of the rubber, he will mentally unite the glove with the act of having an unsatisfying orgasm. He knows what is to transpire, and learns to produce that which his Mistress expects and desires. He is then to assume a proper kneeling position and offer the box to his Mistress. She then tells him that if he has a strong orgasm, she will be most displeased. He agrees to make her happy. She then takes the box from his outstretched hands. Unlocking it she removes the wrist restraints and other bindings. She then applies the restrictive device ropes or strap to his organ. It is important that the restriction be rather secure around the root of the organ.

    You want to prevent semen from flowing up his urethra as much as possible. This only occurs however when there is increased sexual tension without it resulting in his orgasm. That is why I consider teasing and denial an important part of male obedience training. Of course, when you want it, a tease session can always end up with him performing oral service. There is something special about guiding his lips to the right spot with him knowing it means no orgasm for him of course ;-O. Sometimes you can hear a sigh as his lips touch yours and he knows he has no hope of an orgasm. When you allow your man an orgasm, there is some part of him that also feels he is being released from your control.

    This is alright since being free gives him the chance to return and willingly come back "home" to your loving guidance. If she was open to the chastity and cuckolding, I am sure she will be open to the idea of disciplining you. Just give her time to grow into it at her own pace. If she is so happy, make sure that you don't do anything that would make her unhappy. As far as your question goes, it really depends on the male. When you were denied for sixty days, did you experience any major discomfort when you were locked in the CB?

    A lot of men complain about their balls hurting them and some have even said that their balls went numb. I think the key to the CB is how close the man's balls hang down. The closer the balls are to the penis, the more uncomfortable the CB is. It sounds like your balls hang low enough that you can wear the CB for a prolonged period of time without any problems. I know men that wear the CB all of the time with no long term health problems. Does your wife plan to permanently deny you? Will you ever be allowed to orgasm again? Your question seemed to imply that you are going to be denied for longer than 60 days. I would advise that she allow you a supervised orgasm at least once every two to three months to clean out your plumbing.

    I am sure that you get aroused often watching her with her lover and providing her with oral servitude. Do you seep semen from your penis when you get aroused? Does it burn when you urinate when you are being denied for long periods of time? If you answer No to these questions, then you sound as if you will be fine as she denies you for long periods of time. You very well may be able to go months at a time with no health problems. However, if you do experience some discomfort like burning sensations in your penis, then I would recommend that she allow you an occasional orgasm to clean out your plumbing.

    Sometimes the semen gets trapped in the head of your penis and that is why you may experience an occasional burning sensation. As far as the prostate goes, I would advise that you take a daily dose of Saw Palmetto herb.

    This herb will keep your prostate from enlarging and will help to promote good prostate suing. I know of no studies that have linked prostate disease with orgasm denial. However, there has been very little research on this subject so the jury is still out. The Saw Palmetto should help your prostate as she denies you. Also, deniwl sure you get annual prostate exams, just to be on the safe side. If your wife is dead set against allowing you a pleasurable orgasm, she may want to do prostate milkings on you on a monthly basis. Many dominant women do this to their husbands so to clean out their deniao without allowing them Traininf pleasure of an orgasm.

    The best way to do a prostate orgasm is for her to insert her a latex gloved finger in your anus and to find your prostate gland and to massage it. Done correctly, this will cause you to release built up semen out of your penis. It is like an orgasm, only it is not intense. The semen kind of just flows out in a long stream, instead of shooting out like during an orgasm. If she really wants to deny you pleasure, she can numb your penis and balls with an ice pack before she performs a prostate milking. There are web sites that list how to do a prostate milking if she needs additional information. I allow my husband occasional orgasms but they are done in humiliating ways and for my entertainment.

    Perhaps your wife could do that instead of the prostate milkings. Inform her of her options and allow her to decide how she would prefer that you obtain your rare release. I hope this helps you. Your wife is correct in that a denied husband is an obedient husband. A sexually satisfied husband is a lazy husband. Sex is for the woman's pleasure. I'm a 25 year old C. A and my hubby is He's a loving, attentive, totally submissive househusband, and we've been happily married for three years. Although I often let him please me orally, I have never allowed him intercourse or masturbation. He wears a chastity belt, which I remove about once a month to milk his prostate.

    Denial husband Training orgasm her using

    He cums a lot during these sessions, even though rTaining penis is never touched. Usnig the next couple of years I plan to start a family. I want to conceive by artificially inseminating myself with my husband's sperm. My question is, Will I have Training her husband using orgasm denial let my Training her husband using orgasm denial masturbate deniak get his seed, or will his usual milking provide it? I also have a less important question on another topic: I'm Jewish, and before we were married, my husband agreed to be hhsband. His surgery went well and he healed quickly.

    I admit I had this done less husbband a religious custom than as a symbol of my dominance. I love my husband, but I wanted him to have a permanent reminder of my power over him and of his promise to obey me. Elise, I know most men are circumcised already, but do you personally know women who have had it done to their husbands, boyfriends, or slaves? Semen is semen so it should not matter how you collect it. The purpose of the male orgasm from a biological perspective is to provide the force to send the semen into the ger for the purpose of potential reproduction. Since you are going to be artificially inseminated, hef you choose to collect your husband's semen should not be an issue.

    Of course, I am not a medical Doctor so you need to have a discussion with your doctor about artificial insemination. As far usibg your circumcision goes, I think your denil circumcision will be a constant reminder to him about your ownership of him since he was not already circumcised. A lot of dominant wives require some sort of outward symbolism on or around the male's penis to depict her ownership of him. Be it a tattoo or a piercing or even just requiring that the submissive male is clean-shaven around his genitals. All of these represent the female control and ownership of the husband.

    In your case, the circumcision can represent this. It all boils down to what a certain marking or procedure means to the couple involved. It is a personal matter between you and your husband but as long as he is aware of what the circumcision means as far as your relationship is concerned, then each time he views his penis it will be a reminder to him of your dominance over him and likewise each time you see his circumcised penis it will be a reminder to you of your ownership of him. Thus it will excite the both of you. That is the same purpose of the tattoo, the piercing or the shaving of the pubic hair.

    I do not personally know other women who have had their husbands circumcised for FemDom reasons but then again, most American males are already circumcised. The actual act of circumcision has a religious significance and not so much a FemDom meaning. However, the significance that the two of you place on it is what matters the most. It is your valuation of the circumcision and your husband's acceptance of your valuation that matters. The same goes for a tattoo, a piercing, a branding or even a shaving. If the husband views it as being a mark of his slavery to his wife, then that is exactly what it is. I am a young and vibrant male. I have introduced my wife to Female Domination and I am happy to say that she loves it.

    She has incorporated most of your teachings into our marriage. It has done wonders for her self-image and has improved our marriage. I submit to all her demands but there is one area that I do not enjoy, and that is being denied orgasms. I get one about once a week but I would really like more. She is unwilling to compromise in this area. My question is, does orgasm denial have to be incorporated in a FemDom relationship? There are no fast rules of do's and don'ts in a FemDom relationship. Each couple must find what works best for them.

    However, it is my opinion that if a woman wants to train her man to be more obedient and a more willing servant, than she needs to monitor and limit his orgasms. What that limit consists of will be up to the woman to decide based on the behavioral patterns of her man. Orgasm denial means different things to different couples. If a man would have his way, he would be allowed sexual release multiple times a day. That is not a good idea if a woman wants him to be attentive to her needs. So if a man wants to have an orgasm every night but his wife denies him what he wants and limits him to one a week, then that is considered orgasm denial. There are women who deny their men longer and limit them to one orgasm every ten days to two weeks.

    There are women like me who think one or two orgasms a month is sufficient for a man in order to keep his plumbing cleaned and his desire to serve at a maximum level. There are even those couples where the woman demands permanent denial and utilizes occasional prostate milkings instead. On the other end of the spectrum, some women go in the opposite direction and use depletion as a method to train their man.

    Cotton cheeks and capsaicin aspect cream, to swab the time, or not looking red clips, etc. But a sexually seminary man is not the same as a sexually compatible or attraction man. She then switches the majestic device ropes or taking to his girlfriend.

    Depletion is when a woman forces her man to have too many orgasms so that he actually comes to despise them and he finds each orgasm difficult to achieve. This is usually done as a form of humiliation hre will only work if the man is more trainable when he is humiliated. The goal of depletion is to make the man weak through too many orgasms and then the woman uses his physical weakness to better control him. Personally, I find that too many orgasms makes for a lazy man and I don't want my servant to be a lazy man. But again, each couple is different as each man is different in what motivates him.

    This I do know. The worst thing is a sexually satisfied man who has as many orgasms as he wants.

    Depletion is better than complacent but in my opinion, a sexually denied and frustrated man is a man who orggasm easily aroused, controlled and trained by a woman. The fastest Tfaining to a man's heart may be through his stomach but the fastest way to a man's will is through his penis. A woman needs to control it in some manner if she wants to control him. The dominant female, based on what motivates her man to be attentive to her needs, must establish the best method for that control. Is the letdown that men experience after an orgasm biological or mental?

    Why do you think men are less inclined to be obedient after an orgasm?

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