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    9 Awesome Classroom Activities That Teach Job Readiness Skills

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    You will need a large space for this game maybe the cafeteria after lunch or the creer during an potsersenough blindfolds for half of the participants, and furniture and other items that you can use as obstacles cardboard boxes, pillows, chairs, tables. Scatter furniture and objects around the room before the activity begins. Now divide the mixed-up pieces evenly among the teams. This activity gives students the opportunity to practice just that by presenting them with a long list of tasks to complete in a limited time frame. Make a list of tasks on chart paper, assigning a point value for each job.

    Four Card Negotiation Skiols to get ahead in life, you have to know how to wheel and deal. The objective is for teams to trade and s,ills for pieces of cards to match up with the pieces they already have and ultimately end up with four complete playing cards. Your course should be challenging but safe to navigate. Listening, respect, interpersonal skills, communication 6. When each team reaches the far side of the room, partners can switch roles and repeat the exercise.

    Posters career skills Teen

    Do 25 jumping jacks 5 points ; make up a nickname for each member of the group 5 points acreer get every person in the class to sign a piece of paper 15 points ; form a conga line and conga from one end of the room to the other 5 points, 10 bonus points if anyone joins you ; etc. Are we sure this is a good idea? Have just a few pairs tackle the course at a time so that the others can observe. One person from each pair should put on the blindfold. Start with a pile of playing cards four cards per team of four or five students.

    One poet from each pair should put on the worst. See more important instructions here.

    Divide your students into groups of five or six and give them 10 minutes to poeters as many points as they can by deciding which tasks to perform. What materials would be essential for survival? Critical-thinking and problem-solving skills, teamwork, patience 4. This one-on-one communication activity will help students practice taking the time to clear their minds, focus, and really listen to what their partner is saying in a way that they can clearly and accurately repeat. Set a timer for 10 minutes. Decide how many students you want in each group, and tie that number strings to a single rubber band.

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