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    Breast Reduction Guide

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    Breast reduction Surgery

    Smoking should be stopped months before the operation because it Skrgery the blood supply to tissue. In fact, some surgeons will refuse reductiob perform elective surgery on smokers due to this risk. You should arrange for someone to drive you home from our Cincinnati offices after your surgery and to help you out for a few days. Procedure Overview The procedure usually takes hours and is performed in the surgical facility in West Chester.

    Breast reduction is performed under general anaesthesia, so you will be asleep during the entire operation. Postoperative hospitalization is expected. During the operation, the nipple and areola of each breast will be moved to a higher position, usually without actually removing them from their nerve supply so that nipple sensation remains after the surgery, as does the ability to attain an erect nipple and to breast feed. The surgeon then removes excess glandular tissue, fat and skin, reapproximates the skin from both sides of the breast around the areola, and shapes the new contour of the breast.

    Your breasts will probably feel tender and sensitive Your breasts might be swollen and bruised Your surgeon might recommend an elastic compression bra to protect the breasts After that: You'll need to limit physical activity for two to four weeks while the breasts heal Your surgeon might suggest avoiding underwire bras for a few months after surgery Scarring usually fades over time. You will need a follow-up visit with your surgeon to remove stitches and check your recovery. Results Incisions made for breast reduction surgery Incisions made for breast reduction surgery The typical anchor-shaped incision in breast reduction surgery allows the surgeon to remove excess breast tissue, fat and skin and raise the nipple and areola, as shown on top.

    After the excess tissue is removed, the surgeon brings the skin underneath the breast together with stitches, as shown at bottom. Successful breast reduction surgery can relieve pain in your upper back, neck and shoulders. It might also increase your ability to participate in physical activities and promote a more positive self-image. Although you'll see results immediately, remember that it can take months for the swelling to completely go down and the surgical scars to fade. The final result is generally permanent — although breast shape and size can change due to factors such as aging and weight gain or loss.

    Liposuction for Breast Reduction In certain cases, breast reduction can be performed using liposuction alone. However, this technique will only achieve optimal results in certain patients. If you have sagging, asymmetrical breasts, stretched skin, or a more significant amount of tissue to Survery, one of the next breast reduction techniques will probably benefit you the most. This involves two incision sites: This incision pattern allows a cosmetic surgeon to remove excess fat, skin and breast tissue, reshape the new smaller breast internally, and lift the breast into a more youthful position.

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