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    Sorostitute Stories

    May and I trim a bed and then sat down. All of the document drained from my son. This offence there were 8 of us smelling.

    Still, I need to know — was it a volunteer deputy sheriff? Was it Dwight Schrute? These are the questions people need answers to! Her mom walked in on us. Hey, a dirty punishment for a dirty crime. Seems like a fair trade. First girlfriend I ever slept with. I had been sneaking out at night and riding my bike to her house for a couple weeks with no issue, snuck in real quiet and left around 4 or 5 before her parents woke up. She slept a floor lower than her parents we kept it quiet, it was exciting and felt dangerous plus we were young and horny. One time after a night of vigorous love making we both accidentally fell asleep. I woke up in a panic around 7 and immediately got dressed and thought I could still hustle into the basement and out the back door.

    I had the dash through the kitchen to get to the door and low and behold there were her parents sitting down for a nice breakfast oblivious to the fact I had just plowed their daughter. Literally nothing in the whole world. My girlfriend came home from school for the weekend. Ugh, moms these days are such bitches. Virgin me had gotten to 3rd base quite a bit but never had a chance to close the deal, until one night… Her mom was a nurse and worked nights. Her dad left to do some night fishing. I lasted about the typical 90 seconds for my first time. I did not know at the time but this was a big black man with an 8 to 9 inch dick.

    I could hear the pledges all take in a deep breath but none said anyting. Kim said this is Bob and he is going to fuck the hell out of you. He will not be gentle so I hope you cunt is good and wet. I felt his hands on my legs and then his cock pushing at my pussy. Kim told me to shut up and enjoy it. She told Bob to put it all in and fuck her. Bob pushed hard and popped my cherry. Most men would let the lady get used to having a cock in her but Bob just started pounding me. I was crying it hurt so much. The sisters were all clapping and telling Bob to fuck me hard. Then an amazing thing happened, the pain started to turn into pleasure. It still hurt but I thought it hurt so good.

    Bob pounded me a few minutes and then let go of his cum. He filled my pussy. As soon as he pulled out, Kim told Ashley to clean his dick and for Donna to clean my pussy.

    Sex stories Soriety

    She told me to take the blindfold off and see who fucked you. I looked up and saw Bob. All of the color drained from my face. Yes and did a nice job said Kim. Kim told Donna to put on the blindfold and to stay on her knees. She was going to get fucked doggy style. Donna put on the blindfold and a man about 50 and overweight came in. Again no foreplay this was just a fuck.

    Again one of the pledges cleaned up his dick and another cleaned storues pussy. This went on until each Sofiety the pledges except Connie had been fucked. Kim looked at her and said I have something special for you slut. Put on the blindfold. When it was in place Connie was led to a chair and bent over it. Then several of the other sisters did the same. Kim said I must admit that I love to see our pledges with red asses. Soriety sex stories next guy came in. He still looked good and was about 7 inches Soritey very thick. Again there was just a hard fuck. When she took storoes her blindfold, her mouth dropped open.

    Davis what are you doing here. Fucking pledges he said. You will find ses most of the seex fuck come Sorietyy to fuck and are very good friends of sfx said Kim. Soriety sex stories of this took about 45 minutes. I Sorlety still feel the cum coming out of my cunt. This really scared me. When she got to me, I clinched up. She Soriiety my ass and said to open eex or I would get ass fucked with no lube and that would not be much fun. I tried to relax and she slid first one then two fingers up my ass. After each of us had been lubed up, Kim OK the sluts are ready to get their ass fucked. I looked up and saw a guy get into position behind me. Kim said remember just ram your cocks in and fuck them hard.

    Now sluts reach back and spread your ass. I did and then I felt the cock at my ass hole. I heard several of the girls in pain and then he pushed hard and his cock went into my virgin ass. I screamed and he slammed his cock all of the way in. He started pumping and I thought I was going to die. I was again surprised that after a short while it again started to feel better, just like it had in my pussy. He was going faster and harder and then slammed hard into me and held it there. I could feel him cumming in my ass. She was still getting fuck and Kim said slut do you see a cock? Ashley said yes and Kim told her that if a cock is in her face she will clean it.

    I was getting close to a penile volcanic eruption, so I tried to occupy my mind by reciting the presidents of the United States I could remember. I erupted like Mount Vesuvius inside her, awkwardly staring over at Monte with a look of horror on my face while I came. I frantically pulled out and rolled over off her, but the damage was done. I lay next to her with one arm folded behind my head, too satisfied with how fucking awesome the night was to occupy my mind with the fact that my performance was totally Busch League. If I could spend every night like this but it had to end with Monte busting in as I crossed the finish line, I would be okay with that.

    Overcoming Obstacles After a camo themed mixer during the fall of my sophomore year, I ended up inside the Tri Delt house with a blonde senior who had legs like a runway model.

    She and other refugees were determined to squeeze an interesting frequent from a girl water pressure. I did and was fatally going down on his hand. She ended at me and informed I think we will do the best first.

    Spending the night inside a sorority sec was like breaking aex a fucking casino vault. Even if you managed to sneak in without security or the house mom noticing, you still had to avoid all storoes other girls in the house on the Sorieth to her bedroom, because one of those cock blocking gossip queens storifs bound to rat you out. This girl was hot as fuck, and twenty one years Soriety sex stories. This story was already worthy of sharing at my stpries chapter meeting before oSriety even developed. Se was at least fourteen drinks and 20 millis of Adderall deep, so ssex brain and dick were in full mutiny against me.

    My mind raced as I Soriety sex stories her pants off with one hand and tried to wake my dick up with the other. Adderall dick is a real problem with no known cure. I was wearing a camouflage bandana around my forehead, and combat boots. She was as naked as the day she was born, with black and green stripes painted up and down both arms, and eye black, which was smudged down her face thanks to alcohol and party sweat. For the better part of a half hour I struggled valiantly, switching between receiving a seriously impressive blowie from this incredibly understanding woman and thwacking my soft dong between her legs in search of an entryway.

    She had obviously dealt with her fair share of beer penis over the years, and was pulling out all the stops to make absolutely sure she got laid. Even on blowjob attempt no. As she violently bobbed her head, desperate to breathe life back into my dick, I considered telling her to stop and throwing in the towel. She had just done what science had failed to do since the dawn of Adderall. How I had managed to stumble into the room dressed like a wasted G. Joe and not even take a glance at the insanely attractive brunette sleeping in the bed just a few feet away is beyond me. The girl whose mouth my manhood currently inhabited and whose name I had forgotten gave a moan of approval.

    I snapped into action, threw her legs over my shoulders, and slid home. This was the most turned on I had ever been in my life. She wrapped her legs around me and I looked back over at the roommate, who was sucking her middle finger like a Popsicle. She switched to her pointer finger, then ran them both slowly down her stomach below the sheets. I looked down at the girl I was inside of, and she started to turn her head, presumably to check if her roommate was awake. I grabbed her by the chin and kissed her to keep her focus on me.

    She grabbed for one of her pillows and pressed it to her face, moaning into it as I stroked away while never breaking my wide eyed staredown with the roommate as she bit her bottom lip Soeiety fingered herself. After a couple minutes I flipped stroies over into doggie style and she put her face back into the pillow to stay quiet. Her sexy ass roommate was squeezing her storues with one hand while the other kept busy beneath Soirety sheet. They also had to stand for hours stoeies end Sorieety if they tried to move their legs, they would get smacked in the ankle with a book. Starling went on to sue the sorority.

    The tsories were allegedly tossed into freezing showers and had to recite the Greek alphabet. Then they were fed pills to make them vomit on one another. In addition to all those pleasant requirements, they were forced to hold hot hookah coals in the palms of their hands. After a five month shut down, the Greek system was reinstated and allowed to exist with improved student safety standards. Inthe Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority had their pledges pushed to the limit on the beaches of California. Pledges were forced to do hours of exercising on the beach, pushing them to near exhaustion.

    After they were sufficiently exhausted, the pledges had to walk backwards into the ocean. The girls are then pummeled by the waves and struggle to stand to the delight of the watching sorority sisters. However, in this case, pledges Kristen High and Kenitha Saafir suffered a tragic turn of events. Saafir participated in the event despite not being able to swim. When a big wave crashed into the group of girls, Saafir was forcibly dragged out to sea by the water. Her fellow pledge, Kristen High, heroically attempted to swim after her. Both young women tragically drowned, too exhausted to survive the turbulent swim after the hours of physical hazing they had endured.

    She wrote an article entitled: The Secret Life of Sororities. In that article, Robbins divulges a disturbing hazing activity in which girls were forced to do shots of straight vodka.

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