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    Penile cancer

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    Keep the area dry and free from sweat to make it pemis for fungal infections to survive. If you are in pain, get advice from your doctor or pharmacist on medicines you can take. How to prevent penis irritation Om back penos foreskin and wash around the head of your penis and under the foreskin at least once a day. Do not use soap in this area. Use water or a soap-free cleanser Dry the head of the penis gently before you put on underpants. Wash your hands before you go to the toilet, especially if you work with chemicals that could irritate the skin of your penis. When you go to the toilet, pull back the foreskin so the urine doesn't get trapped underneath.

    Dry the end of the penis when you finish. Surgery may be used to treat this. Paraphimosis — This problem also affects the foreskin. You need to see a doctor right away.

    The penis on Skin

    If this happens, it can cut off blood flow to the penis. This psnis the penis to bend to one side when erect. Doctors are not sure what causes this disease. It often gets better on its own without treatment. Lubricants come in three types: Water-based lubricants are the least likely to cause irritation. Shop for water-based lubricants.

    Tight clothing or chafing If tight clothes are constantly worn around the genital area, they can chafe or rub penos the skin, and lead to dryness. Tight underwear can ghe lead to a buildup of moisture under your foreskin, which can be a breeding ground penid fungus and increase the chance of an infection. Wear soft, supportive cotton underwear, and looser clothing in light, breathable fabrics. The skin can become irritated enough to flake and peel. Sexually transmitted infections STIs STIs can cause a variety of symptoms which might cause or mimic penis skin peeling. These include blisters, ulcers, and rashes. STIs can cause serious complications to your health and are contagious to your sexual partners.

    Herpes Herpes is an STI that can cause itching and tingling, followed by the appearance of fluid-filled blisters and skin ulcers. These can be painful and may appear anywhere on the penis and scrotum.

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    When the blisters burst and ooze, lenis can give the appearance of skin peeling. Flu-like symptoms may also occur. Syphilis In the early stages of syphiliswhich is an STI, a tiny sore called a chancre may appear at the spot where infection entered the body. Urethral Stricture Various abnormalities can affect the skin of the penis.

    Penid are bodywide skin disorders that affect the penis as well as other parts of the skin. Examples can include psoriasislichen planusand seborrheic dermatitis. Some affect only the penis or affect the penis before they affect other areas. The skin of the penis can also be affected by cancer.

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