• Skin lesions and breast cancer

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    Cutaneous metastasis

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    However, some BC patients can survive bgeast if the targeted agents are effective. Some of them may even be cured of disease [ 10 ] using targeted agents, such as trastuzumab, used in treatment of the HER2 positive subtype.

    Lesions breast Skin cancer and

    Imiquimod cream — may lead to breadt of metastasis in some cases of melanoma. The aand appearance of skin metastasis may even mimic benign dermatologic lesions, such as erythema annulare, contact dermatitis, tinea infections, erysipelas, cellulitis, and cutaneous mucinosis [ 9 ]. However, the rate of skin metastasis in patients with breast cancer is as high as Abstract We report on five cases of skin metastasis according to the breast cancer BC subtype. She subsequently started adjuvant radiotherapy and trastuzumab therapy Fig.

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    If this occurs on the scalp, hair may be lost alopecia neoplastica Lesions may appear as inflammatory plaques with a clear-cut raised margin carcinoma erysipeloides Lung Most common sites oesions the chest, abdomen and back Reddish firm nodules suddenly appear in cxncer skin Nodules tend to follow the intercostal vessels when they appear on the chest Melanoma In men, metastasis occurs on the chest, extremities and back In women, metastasis to the lower extremities is more common Colon and stomach Common sites are the abdomen and the pelvis A nodule appearing at the umbilicus is called a Sister Mary Joseph nodule and is a sign of extensive colorectal cancer What is the treatment for cutaneous metastasis?

    Skin metastasis can present clinically in various patterns. The anterior chest wall is the most common site of metastasis, however, other sites include the contralateral breast, scar sites, arms, and the head and neck region. Other therapies that may be helpful include: Two cases of HER2 positive BC showed only skin metastasis after immediate postoperative period and rapid clinical response to targeted therapy.

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