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    They started at Thank Satan for this eager aural feast! I really wanted to hate this band. Both are out in Alien8 Recordings and you should buy them if you wanna increase your insanity quotient, I mean, if you wanna get on with the programme and be one of the masters of the universe. Hundreds of euros worth of alcohol consumed before the festival even started explains the reduced quality of the writing herein.

    Mp3 Selfish cunt the mechanic

    Taxis, restaurants, public toilets, airport shuttles and hotels all had a notably worthwhile theme of fine harder music. The staff at Nosturi were kind and courteous, putting up with the sort of reprehensible behavior that one would expect from a down syndrome five-year-old on amphetamines. Faces masked by silver sheets. His immediate reaction was to jump from the upper story window down to a painful and humiliating full stop below. Mysticum left no room for error: The drinks were of course ridiculously expensive, as are all things in Finland, 3 euro for the coatroom, 1 euro to retrieve said coat!?!?

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    Monotonous, repetitive pulses punctuated by amateur feedback made me wonder why people are still drawn to artrock. Any complaints may be directed towards those two for rendering me quasi-unable to write let alone think. Best took to the stage.

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