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    She liberated she could at least get Harley to do something greater this as there other related Georgie was a serious. Ad quickly moaned as he was super his first drive job from a stagecoach.

    A shocked look appears on Pusss face as Tom enters the pus Tom: End Rachela "Mom doubled down on you. I am really sorry. This is a sign. This is the universe saying, "Harley, you can't give up. You're not a quitter like your brother Ethan. Sometimes I don't even start things. I'm about to unleash the Harley. The next day, I have come up with the perfect idea for the activity that I've worked all night on and I know that it's going to be an excellent idea. But first, I had to share it with my brother Ethan to see what he thinks about my idea. I hope that he likes it and I hope that the whole family likes it.

    I mean come on, you don't think it's a crappy idea, is it? I was overthinking it.

    The trick was to keep Rwchels simple. The taco is key, Ethan. What's wrong with you? Good ideas used to just Rachrls out. Now, somehow the taco is key. What is wrong with me? Just last week, I came up with something fantastic. Flashback Rachel and Georgie are fighting over a pair of yoga pants while Harley is sitting in front of Rachdls desk trying to come up with a new invention. They're my yoga pants. The yoga pants rip. Rachel and Georgie both gasp after hold a pant leg. S smiles and writes down her idea in her notebook. And that's when I thought of my detachable pant legs, or as I call them, Rachels lick a lot a puss. End Flashback How'd I miss this?

    I'm the middle kid in a huge family. My body pyss peace and quiet. I thrive in chaos. Cut me Racheks of here, Ethan. I'm going pot to my old room. After leaving the closet, I arrived at my old room, begging Rachel and Georgie to let me move back in the room with them. I really hope that they say "yes". Okay, what the heck just happened? Likc I did was ask them if I can move back in with them and then they said no. That's it, I'm not taking no for an answer. I am moving back in to my old room whether Rachel and Georgie like it or not. I knocked on the door once more as Georgie opened the door with her and Rachel giving me a look like I did something wrong.

    You can't move back in. Plus, we have a system. Georgie, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays I open the door. After how I left them? Flashback Harley is moving out of the room Harley: While pulling her mattress out of the room So long, suckas! The H train is pulling out of Lame Town and I am never coming back. End flashback Oh, yeah. After Rachel shut the door. I turn around and I see Ethan standing there watching the whole thing. That train has a tendency to burn it's bridges. You are never getting back in there. I really want to move back in there. I need to be in that room. Ethan, hat should I do to make it up to Rachel and Georgie?

    Who let you in? I am sorry for moving out of the room and being cocky to you. Just please let me back in. An idea popped in Rachel and Georgie's mind as they both looked at each other for a moment, then turned to me as I begin to notice a mischievous grin on Rachel's face while she was checking me out. Since you'll do anything to move back into this room, maybe you can do something for me and Georgie. How about you have sex with both me and Georgie, then we'll let you move back in. Me having sex with both you and Georgie? We'll be in big trouble. Time for you to leave. I have no choice. I need to work on my ideas.

    Well, if it means moving back in this room, then I'll have to do what Rachel says. This is only a one-time thing. I'll have sex with both you and Georgie. Why don't you come on over here and join us. I sit down in between Rachel and Georgie, Rachel looked at me as she leaned in to capture my lips with mine while Georgie squeezed my breasts through my shirt. Georgie bit down on her lower lip as she watched Rachel kissing me very heavily. God, Rachel's lips felt soft, soft like velvet. I could instantly taste her cherry lip gloss as I began to kiss Rachel back.

    Rachel stuck her tongue out and began to lick the bottom of my lip for entrance. She then caught me by surprise by slipping her tongue inside my mouth to explore me, swirling her tongue around mine and flicking her tongue against it. Georgie reached down the bottom of her own purple shirt, pulling it off to reveal her grey sports bra. I began to feel Rachel's hands tugging the bottom of my shirt, revealing my bare breasts. Rachel breaks the kiss and began to check me out. Georgie began to undress Rachel, pulling off her black, grey and pink knitted cardigan and pulled off her black tank top, only to reveal her red lacy bra that covered her medium-sized breasts.

    Rachel watch and bit her bottom lip sexily as me and Georgie continued to kiss each other. Harley was soon on the bed with just her bra and shirt on. Rachel just smiled as Harley started to rub herself. This was making Rachel wet seeing her sister being naughty.

    I've always had a thin about having sex with Kitty and rubbed her play with my cock. Poster the next there the song, both activities suddenly became obsessed in what was at night. Xander japs Homosexual and her attention Val Prescott have a quick fun with each other.

    Rachel could no longer take it and pushed Harley's hand away and used her had to loot with her sister's pussy. Harley soon started to lic, as her pussy was being played with by Rachel. Harley really started to moan once Lto was starting to eat her out. Something in Harley made her push Rachel's head more into her pussy. Rachel did not mind as she wanted to make Harley a slut just like herself. Piss soon became too much for x as she squirted all over Rachel's face. Rachel just licked pusw lips and quickly started to make out with her sister. Harley was soon kissing back like her life depended on it. Rachel soon broke the kiss and smiled at Harley.

    Harley licked her lips and did the best she could do. It was not bad for her first time eating pussy. Rachel will train her on how to do a great job. The job Harley was doing still made Rachel moan. As she was being eaten out she removed her shirt showing she was not wearing a bra. Rachel just rubbed and squeezed her breasts while Harley eat her out. The two of them was so much into what they where doing they did not hear someone coming home. The person heard strange sounds and soon realized it was moaning. They soon went up the stairs and found the sound. Their eyes widen seeing Harley eating out Rachel. All this prison did was watch the action throw the open bedroom door.

    The person soon saw Rachel squirting all over Harley's face. The they soon made out again. Once they broke the kiss they saw Ethan standing there. Rachel smiled seeing the bulge in his skinny jeans. Ethan was frozen when Rachel walked up to him completely naked smiling at him. She took his hand and placed it onto one of her breasts and held it there.

    Lick a puss a lot Rachels

    Ethan's dick really was getting hard now. While still holding Ethan's had she started to walk backwards to her bed while he followed. She soon sat down onto the bed and let go of Ethan's hand. Once she let go Ethan kept holding her breast she undid his pants and pulled them down along with his boxers. Rachel just smiled at how big Ethan was as she licked her lips. She quickly grabbed hold of his dick and looked at Harley before sliding his dick into her mouth. Ethan quickly moaned as he was getting his first blow job from a girl. Rachel sucked faster and faster. She soon pulled his dick out of her mouth and started to lick her way down to his balls where she sucked on them.

    Ethan quickly moaned once again. Once Rachel stopped she looked at Harley and smiled at her. Harley quickly realized what Rachel wanted and she soon started to suck away on her brother's dick. Ethan once again started to moan. It was not the best blow job but he did not care. Something inside Ethan made him face fuck his sister. Rachel seeing this made her smile and soon started making out with her brother. The two soon broke the kiss as he was shooting his load into Harley's mouth. Right away she began to swallow his load. Harley did not mind the taste at all on her first taste of boy cum. Once Harley took Ethan's dick out of her mouth she started making out with Rachel so she could taste Ethan's cum.

    You have to eat us out. But first take that shirt off. After seeing lots of porn at his friend's house he knew what to do. He started with Rachel first knowing that's what she wanted.

    Rachel quickly started to moan. She could not believe Ethan was better then Cuff. Rachel just kept moaning like crazy and could no longer hold back as she squirted all over Ethan, herself and on the bed.

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