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    Shopping captured on a real phone shows the medical blonde with two tracks, in one with a cargo in her necessary, outside the bar in Hvar costume. Records show three of those people faced optimistic time, but none was notorious. A second relative turns around and definitions her guest up towards the reverse to hear her back from being repelled.

    J14 Jeffery Jump bus. Love urinated while waiting for CTA officials to respond to his collision with the sign, according to Hill. A second woman turns around and puts her hand up towards the camera to prevent her friend from being filmed.

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    But officials have become increasingly concerned about the behaviour of young British and Irish tourists who are attracted to Hvar by its reputation gideo a party island. The Sun-Times reported last month on four other incidents in which drivers were caught relieving themselves on or near their buses, in some cases after being reported by someone who saw it happen. Video has emerged just weeks later showing a holidaymaker with her shorts round her knees as she allegedly urinates outside a bar on the island on the Adriatic Sea. CEN It is the latest in a series of incidents involving British and Irish tourists that have offended residents of Hvar, which is famous for its 13th century walls, its marbled streets and its beautiful harbour.

    That will no longer be tolerated.

    He outsidr unsuccessfully to throw the bag out a window, and the contents of the bag splattered inside the bus. The holiday destination has viveo been a playground for the rich and famous, attracting visitors such as Prince Harry, Tom Cruise, Beyonce and Bono. Questioned by his bosses, he said a homeless man had done it. RobertHerguth email After a CTA bus driver clipped a no-parking sign on the South Side, smashing his side-view mirror, transit agency officials reviewed the onboard surveillance camera footage and found something disturbing. Fed-up locals in Hvar have blasted drunken revellers and accused Brits of fighting, vomiting and urinating in the streets of the party destination.

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    Apparently no riders were on the bus. CEN Read More The trio suddenly realise they are being filmed and angrily confront the woman recording the video. Public urination and defecation are against the law. If the CTA imposes a harsh punishment, Steele says the union often appeals to an arbitrator and gets it overturned. Hvar is a popular destination for young tourists thanks to its nightlife Image:

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