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    5 facts about same-sex marriage

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    Marking an incorrect box for the question about the sex of each person could result in couples being incorrectly assigned to either same-sex or opposite-sex couples.

    Same-sex couples with adopted children are twice as likely to be White, to have obtained a higher level of education, and to have never been previously married. Australian Institute of Family Studies. The Census age was not adjusted. However, women in same-sex relationships still tended to do more unpaid domestic work than men in same-sex relationships. There are editing procedures to identify and correct such errors wherever possible but it is not possible to identify and eliminate all reporting errors.

    In a second paper the Working Group reviews recent research on the reliability and validity of current SOGI measures, and best practices to minimize measurement error.

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    This article presents information on the number and characteristics of people in same-sex couple relationships who lived together in the same private dwelling, as reported in the Census of Population and Housing. Data contained in this article and further related data can be found in the Downloads tab at the top of the page. INCOME People in same-sex couple relationships were more likely to have higher personal incomes than those in opposite-sex couple relationships. However, due to its experimental nature, this information was not used to classify a couple as same-sex or opposite-sex.

    Couples Number of same sex

    The Census had special procedures for Numver sex or gender diversity and these results have been reported elsewhere in Sex and Gender Diversity in the Census. Further, the diverse portrait of LGB families challenges scholars to broaden their research on parenting by same-sex couples and statistical agencies to do a better job of collecting data about LGBT individuals and their families. All data in this article relates to people aged 15 years and over. For more information about Census data release and products, go to www. Some sex or gender diverse people may not be represented in the data on same-sex couples.

    Curiously, the proportion of same-sex couples raising children has begun to decline.

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