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    Get nude: The eight travel experiences you can only have naked

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    Try naked yoga Yoga has been practiced in the nude since its ancient inception; it even has a sanskrit name, nagna yoga or vivastra yoga. The practice of yoga is one of the most centering, liberating activities; you wonder why we ever did it in clothes. Far from being gratuitous or sexual, naked yoga tends to promote body positivity, mental wellness and a return to nature. Join a topless book-club In New York, a small group of bookworms get together to share their love of pulp fiction and celebrate that female toplessness is every bit as legal as the male variety in the city. Take a naturist cruise 2, people floating off the coast of Florida, all as naked as the day they were born.

    Experiences Naked

    There are now more than a few dedicated Nxked cruise operators check out Naked experiences. While naked yoga and topless bookclubs are mostly regularly frequented by the younger generation, one reporter confirmed our suspicions about naturist cruises: Experirnces only one female in our group immediately taps out. Photos courtesy of Aqua Dome The rest of us temporarily retreat to the bar with her for a few ales—liquid encouragement—before eventually heading down to the sauna area. We take all our clothes off, making a very conscious effort to not make eye contact—or to accidentally stare at anything else. We make our way to separate saunas and collectively, silently, hope to not bump into each other ever again.

    A naked sauna experience is something everyone should enjoy on their travels. It forces you to confront your own prudishness. I went to see if I could close it, naked, without anyone noticing. There was a guy in my garage trying to steal a box of booze I'd purchased for a party. I chased after him and yelled too loud. I live on a busy street and tons of people heard me and stared, standing naked and dripping wet defending my box of booze from a thief. I'd been to nude beaches so I just went along with it. Then they all wanted to go inside for a game. Being a young female, I got nervous about what I was being roped into, but it was a mystery game, kind of like Clue, but without a board.

    Then an organized crime family calls the J-pop singer and asks if they can meet up. One of the organized crime dudes stands up to sing karaoke and as a joke strips. And you'll remain nude, too, as you step outside and jump into an icy cold lake, before running back into the sauna for more.

    Maybe that's where the slight madness comes from? Go to Austria's Aqua Dome Austria and Germany share a similar sauna culture, and the Aqua Dome, a wellness retreat in Austria's Tyrol region, perfectly represents experiencrs on offer. Within the confines of this huge wellness theme park you'll find seven different saunas, as well as a "glacier room", a salt pool for floating, and much more. And to experience any of these facilities, you'll have to be naked, and happy to share said facilities with a lot of other naked people. Again, these are mixed facilities.

    What's amazing, however, is how quickly it all starts to feel normal.

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    You will now receive updates from Traveller Newsletter Traveller Newsletter Get the latest news and updates emailed straight to your inbox. By submitting your email you are agreeing to Fairfax Media's terms and conditions and privacy policy. Visit a Russian banya Photo: Shutterstock To the non-Russian-speaker, a visit to a banya, or traditional bathhouse, is an exercise in extreme bafflement, as you try to figure out what's going on, why naked people are gathered in the sauna hitting themselves with birch branches, why they're scrubbing each other down in the shower area, why they're gathered in groups to drink beer in the lounge.

    You'll probably never get good answers, but you will just follow along. And it will be great. Advertisement Dine at Bunyadi in London Sadly, this naked dining experience in London's Elephant and Castle is currently closed, with plans to reopen as soon as funding is in place.

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