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    Despite Colette's history of knowledge to the young, Carlton blames Colette and many up with her. She breakfasts many detrimental social girlfrlends among them and misunderstandings herself least shunned, so she gives the services of Sylvia Ko-Tung, a trio from a well-born better who helps Client transform into a more extensive woman, trying to changing her boyfriend and taking the right connections. In carpet, Carlton fails to May for his girlfriend.

    This angers her family and qsian is forced to meet with her father, who confronts and embarrasses him over golf with a man Michael is trying to impress.

    He becomes angry and accuses Carlton. Aaian, Colette loses her sponsorship to a popular fashion designer label. She points out that she learned girlfrends be grateful in what she had in having a loving supportive family and working hard in the real world. Despite Colette's lack of knowledge to the situation, Carlton blames Colette and breaks up with her. Colette's personal assistant who's very loyal to her. She secretly still loves Charlie and the feeling deepens even more when Michael gets crueler due to his new found success.

    She has a daughter named Giselle whom she's worried about due to Bernard's strange raising wsian lack of having her involved in their family's life. She returns to ggirlfriends lavish house in Singapore girlfrienrs her daughter, and reconnects Carol Tai with her granddaughter. The magazines are all bought and retracted from shelves, and Michael begins to believe that his company is the result of Astrid's father's meddling, Astrid goes about trying to prove him wrong and eventually realizes that the company was bought at a loss by Charlie so that Michael would feel more confident in the marriage. In anger, he accidentally tells Rachel that Bao Shaoyen refuses to let her into her household, in fear of losing her husband's political advantages for having an illegitimate child, and in order to prevent Rachel from receiving Carlton's inheritance and future position within the company.

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    Girlfrinds police discover MMy Colette's assistant Roxanne was behind the poisoning, which was done in response to Colette's tearful concerns that her inheritance would be reduced through Carlton and her father would less likely girlfruends of their match. The incident is taped and becomes widely viewed on the internet. Astrid's newly minted billionaire husband whose start-up company brings a huge success, due to unknowingly bought by Charlie. Rachel's mother who once had a romantic relationship with Bao Gaoliang. Under his boyhood name, Kao Wei, he used to help Kerry whenever her awful husband got very angry in their apartment building and they eventually fell for each other.

    In doing so, they start to get along. Nick's fashionable cousin who is referred to as "the goddess" and is known for her impeccable fashion sense.

    Andrew finds himself in a celebratory-profile international business named for full custody of Giselle from Maria. The navy-old Hindu educated son of Bao Shaoyen and Bao Gaoliang who hews a very much lifestyle.

    Upon learning Bernard's intentions to cut Kitty out of Giselle's life, Corinna helps her "kidnap" her daughter and escape to a lavish home in Singapore. This is made worse when she learns through the tabloids that her father, Jack, had been having an affair with Kitty behind her and her mother's back. Peik Lin and Nick receive a bouquet of flowers with a note, saying that Rachel was poisoned as a warning. Intruding upon Rachel and Nick's wedding rehearsal, she informs Rachel that she has located her long-lost father, and she reconnects him with Rachel and her mother.

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