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    Methamphetamine acts on subpopulations of neurons regulating sexual behavior in male rats

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    There is ample cratoons that the mesolimbic system is activated in response younng both substances of abuse Di Chiara and Imperato,Chang et al. Male soon behavior, and in particular ejaculation, is highly rewarding and reinforcing in animals models Pfaus et al. Male rodents develop a conditioned place preference CPP to copulation Agmo and Berenfeld,Martinez and Paredes,Tenk,and will perform operant tasks to gain access to a sexually receptive female Everitt et al. Drugs of abuse are also rewarding and reinforcing, and animals will learn to self-administer substances of abuse, including opiates, nicotine, alcohol, and psychostimulants Wise,Pierce and Kumaresan,Feltenstein and See, Although it is known that both drugs of abuse and sexual behavior activate mesolimbic brain areas, it is currently unclear whether drugs of abuse influence the same neurons that mediate sexual behavior.

    Electrophysiological studies have demonstrated that food and cocaine both activate neurons in the NAc.

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    However, the two reinforcers do not activate the same cells within the NAc Carelli et al. Moreover, food and sucrose self-administration do not cause long term alterations of electrophysiological properties as are induced by cocaine Chen et al. In contrast, a collection of evidence suggests that male sexual behavior and drugs of abuse might indeed act on the same mesolimbic neurons. Psychostimulants and opioids alter the expression of sexual behavior in male rats Mitchell and Stewart,Fiorino and Phillips, aFiorino and Phillips, b. Recent data from our lab showed that sexual experience alters the responsiveness to psychostimulants as evidenced by a sensitized locomotor responses and sensitized reward perception to d-amphetamine in sexually experienced animals Pitchers et al.

    A similar response has previously been observed with repeated exposure to amphetamine or other drugs of abuse Lett,Shippenberg and Heidbreder,Shippenberg et al.

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    Together, these findings suggest that sexual behavior and responses youjg drugs of abuse are mediated by the same cartoon in the mesolimbic system. Hence, the first objective of the present study is to investigate neural activation of the mesolimbic system by sexual behavior and drug administration in the same animal. In particular, we tested the hypothesis that the psychostimulant, methamphetamine Methacts directly on neurons that normally mediate sexual behavior. Interestingly, Meth users report heightened sexual desire and arousal, as well as enhanced sexual pleasure Semple et al.

    Moreover, Meth abuse is commonly associated with sexually compulsive behavior Rawson et al. Users often report having numerous sexual partners and are less likely to use protection than other drug abusers Somlai et al. Unfortunately, studies indicating Meth use as a predictor of sexual risk behavior are limited as they rely on unconfirmed self-reports Elifson et al. Therefore, an investigation into the cellular basis of Meth-induced changes in sexual behavior in an animal model is required for understanding this complex drug-sex nexus. In view of the above outlined evidence suggesting that drugs of abuse, and particularly Meth, may act upon neurons normally involved in mediating sexual behavior, the objective of the present study was to investigate neural activation by sexual behavior and administration of the psychostimulant Meth.

    This study implemented a neuroanatomical technique, utilizing immunohistochemical visualization of the immediate early genes Fos and phosphorylated Map Kinase pERK to detect concurrent neural activation by sexual behavior and Meth respectively. Fos is only expressed within the nucleus of cells, with a maximal expression level 30—90 minutes after activation of the neuron.

    There is ample evidence that sexual activity induces Fos expression in the brain Pfaus and Heeb,Veening and Coolen,including the mesocorticolimbic system Robertson et al. There is also evidence that drugs of abuse induce pERK expression within the mesocorticolimbic system Valjent et al. In contrast to the expression of Fos, phosphorylation of ERK is a highly dynamic process and only occurs 5—20 minutes after neuronal activation. The distinct temporal profiles of Fos and pERK makes them an ideal set of markers for subsequent neuronal activation by two different stimuli.

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