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    Rare I have not had one in 12 sexuap. This is not something that should keep you from being a masssages, successful ashiatsu practitioner — or from pursuing ashiatsu training. But, I recently received my first suspicious e-mail which prompted this blog. Ashiatsu practitioners are not here to fulfill any foot fetishes or foot fantasies. We are professional healthcare practitioners who just happen to massage people with our feet. We use our feet because of the many benefits of gravity-assisted massage to our clients and our careers. We take our work very seriously, and sincerely ask that you respect that.

    Unfortunately, it is a well documented massagee that most female massage therapists will Iss confronted with that kind of delicate situation at least a few times massxges year. Hence, the unavoidable question: How should you react when the person lying on your massage table is asking you to give them a "Happy ending"? It was an ordinary morning and he was a nice looking man. It was his first time coming to see me. When he arrived at my office, everything was normal and uneventful. He was very funny; talkative, humorous and even delightful. He told me that he had travelled to China many times and he named the cites he visited, which narrowed much distance between us.

    He said that he also went to Thailand and London very often and that he tried Ashiatsu massages everywhere. He kept repeating that he loved it a lot. Later, I would understand another, darker layer, of his own meaning about that "Love". After I disinfected my feet, which is something I do before each treatment, I began the Zen Ashiatsu session according to the regular procedure. At the beginning, he was quiet and everything was cool. But soon he became a little bit impatient, complaining about the fact that I didn't do the same thing as the other Ashiatsu massages he already had before. So, I explained to him that Zen Ashiatsu is a fusion between the Oriental Chinese medicine Ashiatsu practice and the Western Swedish massage; it is a blend.

    Then, for sure, it was different from what he was ashistsu to. Though they have similar sounding names, ashiatsu massage and shiatsu massage are actually opposites by definition. While both are forms of oriental massage therapy, ashiatsu is typically used to provide deep pressure, while shiatsu uses smaller, more focused movements to try to redirect energy flow or "chi" throughout the body. What are the benefits of ashiatsu massage? As hinted at above, the main benefit of ashiatsu massage is that it allows the therapist to apply more pressure than they would otherwise be able to if they only used their hands. This is especially helpful for clients dealing with chronic tension that can't be tamed with a traditional deep-tissue massage.

    Ashiatsu massages sexual Is

    By targeting specific pressure points, the massage therapist's dancing motions can help decompress the spine in a ashiarsu that may help relieve pinched nerves and back spasms. But ashiatsu massage also has benefits for the massage therapist as well! The gravity-dependent therapy can save wear on the therapist's hands, arm muscles, and backs while simultaneously fighting tension in the client with deeper, broader strokes.

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