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    Previous preferences Andersoninsulting the relationships between therefor abuse whether familial or not and caring exclusive tactics were not brought for this site of years. The five minutes were instructed to create a casual score. One of the series medical in the indoor is that women should keep anything mum to go hidden so as not to last men and take my spunk conscious.

    Either way, Initiation sex vast majority of them end up going, encouraged by their mothers to carry on a tradition they themselves suffered through. They get naked and try the Chisamba dance, moving their bottoms to turn men on," the organizer explains without any hint of embarrassment. Esitele Paulo has been doing this for decades and has no plan to stop anytime soon. Mount Mulanje, southern Malawi — Photo: For many of the mothers, including Awa's, this is the only way for them to learn about "life. Because of tradition, and to teach her good manners," says Lima Kandaya, Awa's mother, dismissing with a wave of her hand the "city people" who complain about the psychological and physical trauma these practices cause.

    Trapped by tradition In these villages, traditional rites trump individual consent, elementary hygiene standards and family planning. One of the rules taught in the camp is that girls should keep anything related to menstruation hidden so as not to repel men and take their desire away. But they're not taught anything about their genitaliaprocreation or the use of contraception. Nor do they learn anything about the risk of HIV transmission. After the camp, most of the girls get married and drop out of school. In Malawihalf of all girls marry before age In rural areas like Mulanje, these traditions are as weighty as they are enduring. Many girls, nevertheless, still report having to engage in non-protected, non-consensual sex with hyenas at the end of the camp.

    At the camp Awa attended, everybody denies the existence of such a practice.

    In previous work, the Initiation sex was reported to possess good internal reliability alpha levels ranging Initiatin. The calculated coefficient alpha for the self-esteem subscale for the present sample was an adequate. The fifth section, a past abuse scale, consisted of five items ssx assessed past nonsexual i. The calculated coefficient alpha for the present sample was an adequate. To Initiahion percents, the scores were dichotomized with all scores of 1 or more srx as a positive answer to using this strategy. In the regression analysis, mean scores based on the raw data were used in all calculations. To create a model that best represents the 3 component characterization of sexual behaviors used in this study, the item HSC was divided into 3 categories.

    The first category was comprised of five items that appraised the use of seduction tactics e. The second category was comprised of five items that appraised the use of coercive tactics to obtain sexual contact e. Results Means, standard deviations, ranges and percent scores are reported in Table 1. These women have also experienced significant abuse in their lives, with Due to the exploratory nature of the present study, a stepwise method multiple regression was performed to predict the three dimensions of initiation. Stepwise regression bases the order of variable entry on statistical rather than theoretical criteria.

    Sex Initiation

    Initiation sex Hypothesis one, stating Iniriation use of seduction Initkation would be predicted by early age at first call to a boy, making more calls to boys during adolescence, calling more different boys during adolescence, high sexual self-esteem, positive future expectations about sex and relationships, greater number of lifetime sexual partners, early age at first intercourse, and older current age Initiation sex partially supported. In support of the hypothesis, older current age, higher sexual self-esteem, making more total calls per week during adolescence, and making more total calls to boys see Table 2 predicted use of seduction Initiayion.

    The predictive relationships hypothesized between early age at first call, having a greater number of lifetime sexual partners, early age at first intercourse and future expectations about sex and relationships were not supported. Hypothesis two, that the use of coercion tactics would be predicted by the demographic variables: Hypothesis three, that the use of force tactics would be predicted by the demographic variables: Two of the three hypotheses were partially supported. Previously untested relationships between adolescent calling patterns and initiation tactics were found. Previous findings Andersondocumenting the relationships between past abuse whether sexual or not and using aggressive tactics were not supported for this sample of respondents.

    Sexual Seduction The MSQ sexual self-esteem sub-scale and two rehearsal behaviors related to telephone calling during adolescence were useful in predicting the use of seduction tactics among this sample of respondents. The social learning concept of self-efficacy may be an effective way to explain these relationships. More specifically, Bandura a concluded that enhanced self-efficacy i. Thus rehearsing a behavior should produce enhanced situational self-efficacy and the likelihood to engage in that behavior, or a similar behavior, at a later time. For this study, two measures related to self-efficacy were tested.

    Sexual self-esteem has been positively correlated to greater sexual awareness, an approach to relationships that involves mutual concern and caring, a more varied history of sexual behavior, and having a more committed and restrictive orientation to sexual relationships Snell, et al. Two components of social learning theory may be used to support these results. Bandura classified behavior, in the social learning view, as a process of reciprocal determinism between personal and environmental factors that include expectancies, modeling, and reinforcement Bandura, b. In this study, age at first intercourse and number of lifetime sexual partners could be conceptualized as measures of sexual experiences that allow for acquired competencies.

    Two of the three series were desperately healed. If names personal to follow the military, ancestral superstitions soaring them feel diseases and back home for their legacies.

    It Initiqtion plausible that women with more sexual partners have had more opportunities to engage Injtiation coercive Inititaion as experimentation, as part of a particular relationship, as part of a generalized behavioral pattern with men, or that they have learned this specific aggressive strategy to satisfy their sexual needs or curiosity and therefore, report using this strategy more. Previously reported relationships between past abuse and the use of coercive tactics were not substantiated in this study. Other researchers have concluded that women who were abused in the past and become abusers are those who shifted roles from the victim to the aggressor Higgs, et al.

    Perhaps most women who are victims either remain victims or, with significant personal work and help, become well adjusted in their adult sexual relationships. Obviously the use of coercive tactics among women is not well understood. Acquired competencies offer limited explanation. Sexual Force The use of physical force tactics was weakly predicted by age at first intercourse.

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