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    Rumors that Eddie Peng is having gay affair with investment firm CEO set Chinese internet ablaze

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    Peng Gay

    Reassure your children that no matter what, you will always love them. Remind them that all families have problems and disagreements. Despite the fact that a lot of research shows that this isn't true, some people still think that there is something wrong with being homosexual. Whether a person is attracted to a person of the same sex or a different sex. Each child is different and may understand things at different times. Children are interested in and affected by their parents' thoughts, feelings, and decisions. How will my child ren be affected?

    Use books, Web sites, and other materials to help your children learn that there are other families like your family. There are many books written to help parents teach children about sexual orientation and family diversity. Men are attracted to women and women are attracted to men. But what really matters is that children can talk to their parents about how they feel and that there is love and support in the family. In almost every way your family is just like your friends' families.

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    Phone numbers and Web site addresses are as current as possible, but may change at any time. More than people showed up and raised 13, yuan, bringing Peng a step closer to his goal of 76, yuan. Expect more questions as new ideas occur to your child. Though your parents did not choose to be gay, they did choose to have a family and love their children. If you know someone who has a lesbian or gay parent or two parentsyou might be interested in reading this too.

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