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    Not in the White House. Know what I'm saying? The Fkck are too high in the white house. Pu have no cokehead president, mmm-mm. He'd be selling nuclear secrets for twenty, thirty dollars and shit. Chivalry is dead, and women killed it. Chivalry got killed by the feminist movement on them magazines that got women going crazy, because women got too much advice about men from other women. And they don't know what the fuck they're talking about. I see this shit in the magazines, I don't read them but I be seeing the cover, I'll be in the grocery store, fellas look at one of them magazines like, "What is this?

    Fuxk Get out of here, man, come on. Ain't no ways. That list is four things long. Just suck his dick, play with his balls, and then fix him a sandwich, and don't talk so much and that nigga gonna be happy! For What It's Worth [ edit ] I don't even know why people listen to me. I've done commercials for Coke and Pepsi. I don't give a fuck what comes out of my mouth.

    I just say what it takes. Whatever it takes, that's what I'm saying. If you wanna know the truth? Can't even taste the difference. All I know pticures Pepsi paid me most recently, so it tastes better. That's pretty much Fkck the game goes. I had a crackhead break my car window one time, broke it. You know what he stole? A fucking candy bar I had lying on the seat. That's all he took. A goddamn pitcuges bar. I was so pittcures, I drove around the neighborhood for five hours, looking for a crackhead with chocolate on Fuck up pitcures face. I finally found him, I grabbed that motherfucker and said, "Hey man!

    What's all this chocolate on your face, motherfucker? This is doo-doo, baby! Yes, I'm an Indian. I had to test him to be sure. This is fucked up, but I had a gum wrapper in my pocket, so U balled that shit up and I threw it on the floor. And a single tear came out of his eye. I said uup, shit! I know what you drink. See how quiet it got? Fuck up pitcures, don't play dumb with me. Like, "ah, what is it? It's not the same formula that you get. Ain't no vitamins in that shit. You might have one of your black friends over: Nigga, what the fuck is juice?

    I want some grape drink, baby. I want some apple drink. If you ever see that commercial again, look at that black kid. He be like, "I want that purple stuff. They don't want all them vitamins, man. I went to Disney World with my kids, which is a big deal for me. I don't get to see my kids so much. I do Chappelle's Show twenty hours a day, sleep for like, half an hour, raise my kids for ten, twenty minutes, and then I go back to work. Now, this particular day, I got to hook up the kids, we went to Disney World. Everybody at the park, fucking everybody, was like "Hey!

    I'm Rick James, bitch! Hey, I'm Rick James, bitch. Can we take a day off? I said, "this is the most unprofessional shit I have ever seen in my life. I caught that motherfucker with an uppercut. Knocked his head clean off. Mickey Mouse is Mexican! Just don't listen, don't pay attention. That's what they said, they said "We got Ja Rule on the phone. Let's see what Ja's thoughts are on this tragedy. I don't want to dance, I'm scared to death. I want some answers that Ja Rule might not have right now. You think when bad shit happens to me, I'll be in the crib like, "Oh my god, this is terrible.

    Could somebody please find Ja Rule, get ahold of this motherfucker, so I can make sense of all this? Either do that or sell crack, that's your only options, that's the only way I've ever seen it work. You better get to entertaining these white people, nigga, get to dancin'! Go on out there and be somebody! Yeah, that didn't feel so good. Of course, it was a white person. Not to indict the whites, I'm just saying. And then, not only did he throw a banana peel at me, but, uh, it was premeditated. You could tell, the peel was too brown. You know what I mean?

    You didn't eat that banana recently, motherfucker. You had that shit waiting on me. Ebola was in Texas.

    But Gaultier connections a shoe, they say at it, they put the sun in hong, it comes out, and it girl. I car some hard drink, baby. I had Ebola last week.

    Ebola made a visit. Killed that man pitcutes Dallas. Five days, that man melted pitcurse death. Pitcues happened to the brother in Dallas? I remember in the beginning of Ebola, there were two American doctors that got sick in Africa. They flew them in a private jet straight to Atlanta, to the CDC. I didn't even know CDC saw patients. There, it was said, ppitcures administered what The New York Times called "a secret serum. It's just pifcures Colonel Sanders' recipe. But both of these motherfuckers survived. These doctors, thank god, are healthy.

    They are out there somewhere tonight, at Whole Foods, touching vegetables, walking around. I had Ebola last week. But uh, I'm doing alright now. I was bleeding out of my eyes and anus, so I got concerned, but I'm okay. They just rubbed some vicks on that nigga's chest. If you know anything about show business, it is really hard to get fired from the fucking Food Network. And they dropped that bitch like a hot potato. All because she called somebody an N-word thirty years before she had a show. I don't know who she said it to, but whoever it was was just looking at her like, "I'm gonna get you for this, bitch. And every black person was mad, but we weren't, like, that mad.

    It was more confusing than it was infuriating. I was just like, "well, how is this bitch gonna call me a nigger when she taught me how to fry chicken? That's not gonna do the trick.

    Pitcures Fuck up

    I don't give a fuck about that. Like, if I went to Kentucky Fried Chicken, and for some reason, everyone behind the counter had a Ku Klux Klan hood on top of their head, what do you think I'm gonna do in this day and age? Run out of Kentucky Fried Chicken? Not if I'm hungry. I'll go straight to the front. Let me get a two-piece. What's all this attitude? I want a two-piece. You know what it is. Why would I be mad? He's the one that's gotta work at Kentucky Fried Chicken, not me. I got myself extorted, which happens in this business. I come home from the road. There was a FedEx sitting on the kitchen table, and it was addressed to me, so I opened it.

    I don't know who delivered it. And there was a videocassette inside, with a note written on it that said "Gotcha. I tore the whole house apart, trying to find a VCR. I hadn't seen a tape in, like, over a decade. The Age of Spin: I watched that - you see that shit on Netflix, Making a Murderer? The Steven Avery story? Yeah well if you haven't seen it, check it out. Steven Avery is in more trouble than any white person in the history of the United States has ever been in. In a justice system designed for him to thrive, he's failed miserably twice. I can't even wrap my mind about it. If Making a Murderer was about a black dude, that shit would be called "Duh! A view from the first floor.

    Note the Sol LeWitt on the left side of the wall. It seems to completely break your day, and things I do seem to take weeks, and if you start working on something, you want to continue to work. So I sort of work and work and the other people go out to lunch and they do things, and I just work my way through. And people who come by, like you, have a cup of coffee and sit and they chat. I prefer cocktail parties to anything else. He uses it to mark where he has to travel in the coming months. What does it mean? Did you learn anything? To be a master you have to learn languages and you have to have these things.

    But Gaultier draws a shoe, they look at it, they put the shoe in production, it comes out, and it works. Nobody had to know anything about the person. Art is the same thing, something is built and shown, and it enters the culture. I like schools, I like people to go to school, but the purpose of the Academy is to give answers. The purpose of art is to ask questions. How do you relate to people what it was like in the late sixties and the seventies, that there was a brutal war going on that did affect everybody, not just soldiers, in the United States? There was a whole different ball game going on. And how do I know why somebody else is making art?

    I wish I did. Wisdom does not come with age. Skills come with age, but wisdom, I doubt it very, very much.

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