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    Fufk FB arrangement is meant to be extremely casual, low-key, low-investment and no-maintenance. But Indian girls have too many hang-ups and always claim to fall in love or become clingy," says Vedant, an investment banker who's learnt the hard way. Indian girls are just too stuck up about these things and have a false sense of morality. Of course, the rules of each relationship are different and, more often than not, the couple makes them up as they go along. Who has the time to get into long drawn out relationships any more?

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    The 'wham, bam, thank you ma'am or sir' syndrome buvdy becoming the rule rather than the exception with Gen Now and nobody's really complaining," he adds. It took me a while to explain to him that I was not interested in happily ever after — and just wanted to have some fun. Her brothers came after me, saying I led her on — but that's not true. I made no promises, told no lies. If you do any of of these, rest assured the girl will think you're in love and you will be in big trouble," he laughs.

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