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    Foster Care & Human Trafficking

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    Sex traffickers are selling foster kids on the weekends, 25 Investigates has uncovered. Investigative Reporter Eric Rasmussen Foster home sex cases of kids in foster care pimped out on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and then returned to Foeter taxpayer-funded group homes on Monday. Records obtained by 25 Investigates reveal a uome staff member working with foster kids at hlme Eliot Atlantic House in Saugus is suspected of convincing a then year-old girl Fister the group home to sell herself for sex on the weekends. Boston 25 spent a year investigating this issue, and they found that the problem of foster care children gone missing and pimped into child sex trafficking rings happens throughout the U.

    Sheriff Brown told the San Antonio Express: It was a money-making deal, the way they were running those girls through there like livestock. They were making a profit off them. Eighty-six percent of runaway children in the United States suspected of being forced into sex work came from the child welfare system, according to a analysis of cases reported to the National Center on Missing and Exploited Children. Of the 79, child sex trafficking victims estimated to be in the state, the vast majority were in foster care or had previous contact with Child Protective Services, according to a recent University of Texas study.

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    David Fostet, a military veteran and former Uome state-approved foster parent, was convicted of running a pedophile pornographic operation out of his home with foster children. And yet, he was approved by the State of Arizona to run a foster care home where he allegedly routinely abused and raped children in a pedophilia ring. In a study conducted in the U. The issue is compounded by the fact that states do not always report when a foster child is missing, despite provisions in federal law that mandate it.

    Sex Foster home

    Policy gaps and a lack of adequate resources are also responsible for the high prevalence of foster youth involved in human trafficking. While there are federal regulations, foster care policy is primarily the domain of the states and therefore, protections, resources, Foser reporting requirements ssex by state and information is not always effectively shared between agencies and jurisdictions. For example, in most states youth age out of the foster care system at 18 — approximately 26, people a year — often leaving them without shelter or support. Foster youth that age out at 18 have high rates of unemployment and incarceration, and one in four women get pregnant before the age of However, after the passage of the Foster Connections to Success and Increasing Adoptions Act ina number of states — including California, New York, and Texas — have extended the age of foster coverage with federal support.

    A comprehensive approach is needed to address the gaps in the system and help provide protections to vulnerable youth. First and foremost, legislation must be strengthened at both the state and federal levels. A State-by-State Evaluation report details best practices that can help protect children in the foster care system from trafficking. Training and raising awareness of the risks and recruitment tactics of traffickers is also necessary, and has — fortunately — been increasing in recent years. Nevertheless, more must be done. Foster children, parents, and group home leaders, teachers, community groups, law enforcement, hotel staff, and medical professionals should all be trained to identify red flags associated with human trafficking, and be particularly mindful of the added vulnerability of children involved with the foster care system.

    Ultimately, more resources are needed to strengthen foster care and improve policies that have contributed to the prevalence of human trafficking victims who are in the system.

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