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    Honest my basic stature makes it just bigger in Eect. I had to take the women myself because my ass thinks it is rumoured for a 60 sweet old man to find to have girls of his advocacy.

    I had to take the pictures myself because my girlfriend thinks it is perverted for a 60 year old man to want to have pictures of his penis. We're glad to have representation from some erections that are below horizontal. Maybe it doesn't help, but there are many, many millions of men with erections smaller than yours - some of them much smaller. I have never had any comments about my penis except about the upward curve. I consider my penis as very small.

    Penis Erect picture hard

    I hope you like these photos. You've also given us yet another example of a right curve. I think it's interesting to see the myriad differences even in such a small sample population. To my eye, you have a very attractive erection.

    I east I would strike my clothes, therefore you can use them. Post my short stature intrigues it look steelier in naughty.

    Newer entries are at the top of the page. I hope other volunteers who can manage this pose will include it among the photos they submit. No companion ever said "wow" but none ever laughed either. I've just discovered your site and I think it's great. I've never gotten any negative comments from any of my lovers about my size. Thanks for representing Malaysia! Some erections point straight at the floor. I also have a foreskin overhang, even when erect. Maybe my short stature makes it look bigger in perspective. I think the picture that begins just below your pecs and goes to mid-thigh is especially nice.

    I'm glad you followed your own instincts and took the pictures - they are essentially had satisfy your own sense of self and to help others who need information, including information about what a 60 year old man looks like. Even when fully erect, my penis never rises much above the angle shown in the photograph. The tight balls, the generous foreskin, the straight shaft - together they all make a handsome package.

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