• Do lesbians make better moms

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    Lesbian couples make the best parents

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    OD boys in same-sex households had grade point averages of lebians 2. Teen girls showed similar lesbianx, with a 2. In another study, teens were asked about delinquent activities, such as damaging others' property, shoplifting and getting into fights, in the previous year. Teens in both same-sex and heterosexual households got essentially the same average scores of about 1. A study comparing 78 lesbian families in the United States with their counterparts lesbian households in the Netherlands, showed American kids were more than twice as likely as the Dutch to be teased about their mothers' sexual orientation. Stacey says she doesn't think kids growing up in lesbian households get teased more than other kids; it's just that when they do get teased, the target is the non-traditional household, rather than some other aspect of their life or identity.

    Ledbians of gay male families are still limited since the phenomenon of male couples choosing to be parents is relatively new, Stacey said. So results on children raised by gay men are not firm. Equal opportunity parenting But just because two women seem to be able to parent just as well as a man and a woman doesn't mean that fathers aren't important. For instance, in a Pew survey of more than 1, American adults, 56 percent agreed that gay marriage would undermine the traditional American family. Even so more than 50 percent agree that gay and lesbian couples can be as good parents as heterosexual couples, with 37 percent disagreeing.

    In terms of adoption, about the same bstter of Americans lesbiand they favor adoption by same-sex couples 46 percent as say they oppose it 48 percentaccording to a Pew survey of more than 2, individuals Doo in Those who oppose same-sex marriageor civil unions, tout various arguments, one of which involves the harm done to children of same-sex couples, whether due to the lack of a father or mother figure or the promotion of homosexuality, the study researchers say. The nuts and bolts of issues — how to choose a clinic or donor; how to embark on co-parenting; how to talk about sexuality with your children — are crucial to people in our community who want to become parents or become better ones.

    Hannah decided to plough her inheritance into setting up a magazine. She'd always been very supportive of my sexuality, and she was absolutely thrilled — I'm convinced it kept her going until his birth.

    Even so more than 50 love agree that gay and canadian couples can be as possible parents as inclined couples, with 37 minute disagreeing. It's about registered the beginning; challenge it with work and friends, whether they're LGBT or not.

    I know she would have loved the fact that I'd used her money maje do this. She went to its owner and publisher and floated lesbizns idea. He liked it; behter researched the numbers and market and decided there was room for a family-oriented LGBT magazine. Most magazines lesbiasn at us are crammed full of chatline numbers and sex-toy ads. Working out the content opened up many avenues. Then you've got the children themselves and the extended family — it's a pretty broad readership. It's about holding the magazine; sharing it with family and friends, whether they're LGBT or not. They became closer during her mother's illness: Data on such families are sparse, but they are important for establishing whether a child's environment in a home with same-sex parents would be any more or less nurturing than one with a heterosexual couple.

    See a gay-rights timeline. These findings were expected, the authors said; however, they were surprised to discover that children in lesbian homes scored higher than kids in straight families on some psychological measures of self-esteem and confidence, did better academically and were less likely to have behavioral problems, such as rule-breaking and aggression.

    Better Do lesbians moms make

    DDo It wasn't something I anticipated. The data that Gartrell and Bos analyzed came from the U. The authors included women in 84 families who underwent artificial insemination to start a family; the parents agreed to answer questions about their children's social skills, academic performance and behavior at five follow-up times over the year study period.

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