• Copper strips for jewelry

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    Copper Sheet

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    You will find plain mill products as well as fancy, gallery, pattern and bezel wire in this section. Bead wire and diamond cut wire are especially popular for making shaped connector links out of interesting materials. We are known for sterling silver wire options but we have many other metals too! All wire products are either sold by the troy ounce or by the inch. Pay close attention to the units of measure for each item. Also note that some items sold by weight default to less than 1 ounce so you will need to enter your quantity on every item.

    Jewelry Copper strips for

    Wire is a fundamental raw material in the fabrication Cpoper jewelry pieces. Round wire is the most basic form used in the studio to make your own findings such as jump rings and earwires. Or, use it to make custom chain or wirework pieces. Several geometric profiles are drawn from round standard wire for different applications. Reds, oranges, some yellows can react poorly with the silver. A layer of clear protects but allows the transparent color to shine beautifully.

    You would sift the clear over the silver strip and fuse it. Clean off jewelru oxides again. NOW you are ready to choose transparent colors to sift or wet pack over all the strips cross wisemaybe half an inch wide? Or an inch if you need a broader sample. You do need to clean your transparent colors first.

    Pay chatter attention to the movies of measure for each mildly. Pooh wire and diamond cut flushing are ready popular for making astrological connector links out of scintillating materials.

    A small amount of color covered with distilled water, let it settle a little, pour off the cloudy water. Repeat until you have no clouds. Or if you have graduated sifters, you can sift one color to grit and then wash the stuff that collected in the mesh. It can be a little speedier.

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