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    US regulations[ edit ] US power strip with switch Underwriters Laboratories standard contains requirements strrip relocatable power taps. The regulation requires all socket powwer units to comply with the requirements of BS Specification for 13A switched and unswitched socket-outlets and with the requirements of BS Specification for General requirements for electrical accessories. More complete and desirable power strips will have three MOVs, connected between each possible pair of wires. However, where the rating of a socket outlet and, hence, the plug and lead of the power strip is less than the rating of the circuit breaker supplying the circuit concerned, overload protection for the power strip and its supply cable is necessary.

    Low-cost power strips often come with only one MOV mounted between the live and neutral wires. Therefore, it is recommended not to connect a surge-protected power strip to a UPS, [8] but instead to rely solely on surge protection provided by the UPS itself. Daisy chaining of power strips known in building and electric codes as multi-plug adapters or relocatable power tapswhether surge protected or not, is specifically against most codes.

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    Unprotected power strips are often mistakenly called "surge suppressors" or "surge protectors" Calbes though they may have no ability to suppress surges. The product wtrip hugely successful, however, it was not patented and market share was eventually lost to other manufacturers. Some also feature a 13A BS fuse in the socket end. Sockets and socket outlets do not require independent approval under the regulations. Surge suppression is usually provided by one or more metal-oxide varistors MOVswhich are inexpensive two-terminal semiconductors. The fuse must be replaced if the power strip is overloaded, causing the fuse to operate.

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