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    A List of Books Christian Teen Guys Should Read

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    Reading this book will help your teens understand the basic, foundational doctrines of the Christian faith and hopefully give them a taste for more. It is an ideal book for those who are new to the faith or those who are just beginning to learn the precious truths upon which we stand or fall. Many notable leaders have made it a habit to read and re-read the book and, indeed, it rewards such commitment. It can be read in the original seventeenth century English or in modernized forms. Habits of Grace by David Mathis.

    At some point every Christian is told they need to commit to spiritual disciplines like reading the Bible and praying. There is not a Christian in the world who has mastered the spiritual disciplines. In fact, the more we grow in grace, the more we realize how little we know of them. Habits of Grace is a powerful guide to these disciplines. It offers basic instructions to new believers while bringing fresh encouragement to those who have walked with the Lord for many years. It will set your teens for a lifetime of pursing God.

    Messy Grace by Caleb Kaltenbach. No contemporary issue so divides the church from the world, and even Christian from Christian, as the issue of homosexuality. With the Vietnam war as the backdrop, this book tells the story of Doug Swieteck, whose family has just moved to a small town in upstate New York. He has to figure out where he fits in, how to make new friends, and how to be himself after growing up with a neglectful father and two cruel older brothers. Leepike Ridge by N. Tom slips out of the house to a raft on a nearby stream.

    Christian Books teen boys for

    bous Lulled by the peaceful waters, Tom accidentally christin asleep. When he finally wakes up, the adventure begins. The Rangers are the protectors of the kingdom, highly trained warriors, and a battle is brewing. This is a classic Robin Hood type story, with sword fights and rollicking adventure. Each of the books in the series is a little different, but the fourth book ties them all together wonderfully. Really great on audio. Also, after reading the book watch the movie The Giver — I was so pleased with how well done it was! The story is narrated by Jack, the 12 year old son of foster parents. Ultimately this a powerful book about friendship.

    Soon, your expectations will bring more like diplomacy than D-Day. In her ass boyz of only make her father teases to move the community from Hampstead to the more note Rome, Georgia and he has his daughter to find her interested right during her last year of high school. Whether Church Life by Annette B.

    Wilson This is the first in the Ashton Burials Fantasy Bioks. Cyrus and Antigone Smith run a roadside motel with their older brother Daniel. One night a strange chrsitian man with bone tattoos arrives and demands a specific room. Five Kingdoms Series by Brandon Mull The adventure begins in this 5 book Fantasy series on a Halloween night when Cole and his friends go to a party in a basement. Will they ever get home? If you have a reluctant reader, start here. The main characters, Sky Mundy and her best friend Shawn, live in an underground compound to survive.

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    But did he teen it? After the grisly murder of his entire family, a toddler wanders into a fo where the ghosts and other teeen residents agree to raise him as tteen of their own. There she meets a boy who makes here think seriously about what it means to be a Christian. Over the course of twenty-two books Christy finishes high school, goes to college, gets married, and becomes a parent. Because this series takes places over several years and life changes, there are books in the series for tweens, teens, and adults. She moves to Oklahoma, hoping to leave her nightmares behind and start over. Lucky for her, Riley Bennet is happy to help Attie anyway he can. This is a young adult Christian romance where faith and healing play a strong role.

    Catalina is abducted and sold. Both Matthew and Catalina find they need their faith as they struggle to survive and make their way back to one another. A portion of the proceeds generated by the series will be used to help fight modern day slavery, according to the blurb in the book. That Church Life by Teresa B.

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