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    Show some restraint due to the young age of some of the forum members.

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    If the photo does not come from a public event or something else the band has approved, don't post it. Don't post armstrlng over pixels wide with their img tags so the pictures dont stretch the jle. This means no posting pictures from their family members' Facebooks or other sites you might get personal family photos from. If the family member or girlfriend is involved in an event or the band has given permission to post the specific picture s of the person, they may be posted on the forum. Family Member Picture Privacy Policy: Requests for personal or paparazzi pictures non-publicity pictures of their kids, girlfriends, wives, brothers, sisters, parents, etc may not be made.

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    This means no paparazzi photos and no personal photos. If you break this policy, you will receive a warning. It helps control the flow of the thread and ensures that no one person is taking Bille a single page all to them self. We need to respect their privacy and the privacy of their family members. If the photos are not taken explicitly for the public and approved by the band for the public, they cannot be posted in the picture threads or used on the forum in any form. The picture s cannot be posted at random in the thread for the band member the family member is related to if they do not have that band member with them.

    Even if one of the guys is in the paparazzi or personal photos, they are not allowed. Billie Joe, Mike, and Tre are fairly private people.

    Meaning, unless they are a thumbnail, they should NOT be clickable. BUT, they can only be posted in appropriate threads. Don't hyperlink the pictures.

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