• Asian superheroines in peril

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    Asian superheroine in peril

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    The sex bet is simple enough, and should be well within her powers to finish victoriously. She could not break that promise for anything. This is a story of approximately words.

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    Ms Amazing watched them leave. But she did agree. So she lifted her arms and slowly turned before his awestruck eyes. She was a super heroine, a superior woman, her word was her bond.

    It was a ploy to defeat Kid Rotten, one of the most brutal pimps in the city. Superheroinew reminded herself this was not a defeat. So many of his ilk did. And she had to remind herself of that again when his tongue pushed past her full red lips and delved deep into her mouth.

    Superheroines peril Asian in

    Vigilante Justice Ms Amazing: Unfortunately, the raven-maned, blue-eyed beauty tends to Asixn herself into embarrassing, provocative situations. Young, beautiful, and powerful, Ms Amazing is Synne City's premier super heroine. To save a young woman threatened by a pimp, the vivacious vigilante will do whatever it takes. Kid kissed her long and hard. This time it involves a bet:

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