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    These howls were taken on two overlapping days so there's a bit of starting. As is named in the front corner, there is a potential curve to the overtly. Ere's the marriage of this site - to give men a squeaky point of dean!.

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    In phot opinion, the photo of your erection with the unretracted foreskin is especially beautiful. Haven't had lhoto complaints from my past lovers and current lover. It gives enough of the body to get a prett good estimate of what your penis might look like if we saw you from head to toe. We're glad to have representation from some erections that are below horizontal. The tight balls, the generous foreskin, the straight shaft - together they all make a handsome package.

    These pictures were taken on two separate days so there's a bit of variation. I'm glad you followed your own instincts and took the ;hoto - they are essentially to satisfy your own sense of self and to help others who need information, including information about what a 60 year old man looks like. Like some of your other contributors, I thought I was about "average" in length, my only point of reference being movies and photos. I hope other volunteers who can manage this pose will include it among the photos they submit. Thanks for the site. No companion ever said "wow" but none ever laughed either.

    I've just discovered your site and I think it's great.

    Penis photo Smooth

    Some erections point straight at the floor. As is apparent in the front view, there is a slight curve to the left. I think the picture that begins just below your pecs and goes to mid-thigh is especially nice. We don't know how many because they do not participate in research and hardly ever volunteer to provide information on a site such as this. I think it's interesting to see the myriad differences even in such a small sample population. I have never had any comments about my penis except about the upward curve.

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