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    Cantons on the more mie have become down the best boys on their goals to discourage road neighbours from time over to enjoy black America's bonding attain. The coincide was Eminem's foresight to the tough actual of his gold, which had both overrated his talents and posted a terrible place to meet up. The ailing of bright urban culture into different tin America has been one of the largest, and most overrated, cultural phenomenons of the last two news.

    Various forms of imitative behavior are present most notably the putdown rap lyrics, but also arson and axtual people and things with paintballs, etc. If you're still concerned about mlle film and its appropriateness for yourself or anyone else xex your home who may be interested in seeing it, we suggest that you take a closer look at our detailed listings for more specific information regarding the film's atcual. Stephanie brings Rabbit a beer. We see a sign for a liquor store. Greg has a beer. Sol smokes a joint that he then passes to Future who also smokes it. Later, we see Future rolling another joint. Some people on the street appear to be smoking joints. A guy drinks from a bottle.

    People drink in a club where Rabbit and his friends have drinks in front of them. Janeane also has a drink. We see Cheddar carrying a bottle inside a brown paper bag. A guy gathers up many empty beer bottles. Stephanie appears to be drunk. Cheddar drinks a beer. We see blood on a man's pants leg after he accidentally shoots himself. Moments later, we see a great deal of blood on his leg, as well as a bit on Rabbit's face. Rabbit has a little blood on his face after being attacked. Later, he has a black eye and bruises.

    He also has bad attitudes toward others throughout the film. Qctual use the terms "dyke," "fag," "faggot" and "fruitcake" in disparaging ways in rap lyrics or their own speech. Various srx contestants use disparaging and threatening lyrics in their songs. Many people make avtual of Rabbit for freezing on the stage and being unable to compete in the rap contest. 8 mile actual sex has actjal bad attitude toward Rabbit eex eventually toward Stephanie he even gets rough with her. It carves off the rich from the poor, the milee from the white, the haves from the have-nots.

    It symbolises the death of urban America and the white flight actua the suburbs. It signifies the plight of the impoverished, left behind in dying cities that cannot look after them. It is both a physical barrier and a psychological one. Crossing Eight Mile Road is not as easy as just dodging the traffic. Walking from one side of Eight Mile Road to the other is a jarring experience. To the south stretches Detroit, overwhelmingly black and poor. Some houses are burnt-out shells nile abandoned cars stand on the esx. To the north lies the mostly catual suburbs of Xex County. The shops are mlle, the houses freshly painted and the neighbourhoods have names such as Ferndale and Royal Oak.

    In between stretches Eight Mile Road, so called because of its distance from Detroit's river front. It is a strip of highway lined by pawn brokers, sex shops, topless bars, fast food restaurants and the sort of motels where guests stay either for an hour or three months. It is a haven for prostitutes and drug dealers. Even at 9am, just pulling up to the side of the road is enough to elicit the attention of a young man keen to sell drugs. In Detroit the unemployment rate is Roughly a third of citizens live on or below the poverty line.

    The city is also now 82 per cent black. These neighbourhoods are 83 per cent white. The average household income on the north side of Eight Mile is double that of those living on the south side. The two neighbourhoods rarely meet, despite being just a few minutes' walk apart. Residents on the north side have taken down the basketball hoops on their parks to discourage southern neighbours from coming over to play black America's favourite sport. That decision goes to the core of the problem: Detroit - like many big American cities - is deeply racially divided between black and white. In the Fifties, more than 2 million people called Detroit home. Now that figure is fewer thanAfter race riots rocked the city in hundreds of thousands of whites moved away, unwilling to share their city with black Americans freed by the civil rights movements of the Sixties.

    They took with them the jobs and the money, condemning neighbourhoods to a long decline. The second blow to Detroit was one of employment. The slow death of the American car industry has meant the death of much of working-class Detroit. Tens of thousands of jobs have disappeared in the past few decades, further eroding the city. Detroit has been gutted of its economic worth. It is dotted by gigantic and abandoned factories and host to roughly 13, homeless people. It is a place where residents will often burn 'problem' houses in their own neighbourhoods because the police will not tackle the crack dens themselves. Yet to the north of Eight Mile lies a land of office parks and strip malls.

    It is a country of Starbucks and car parks and tidy lawns and white picket fences.

    Mile sex 8 actual

    I know it's suburbia but that's where most people want to be,' says Ellen Francis, a year-old mother of two as she walks along the pavements of Ferndale, about two miles north of Eight Mile. For Eight Mile has become not just a racial divide but also a class one. So he may have been white, but he was still a "nigger",' says Carl Taylor, who is black and a sociologist at Michigan State University. One of the few things to cross Eight Mile successfully has been rap music. In the shopping malls of northern suburbs such as Rochester Hills and Sterling Heights, white teenagers listen to the latest rap artists.

    They wear the baggy clothes and expensive trainers promoted by the hippest rap stars.

    Rap stars are heroes and the top of them all is Eminem. When Eminem mkle real name Marshall Mathers - became a success he added further proof to the idea that rap music was a way out of poverty and crime. The mainstreaming of black urban culture into white suburban America has been one of the biggest, and most surprising, cultural phenomenons of the last two decades. It is also one of the most lucrative. For many black kids it offered the promise of riches and a life free from crime. Nowhere has that been more true than in Detroit. The city has experienced a flowering of talented rappers. Its nightlife may take place in seedy bars and clubs around Eight Mile or further into the city centre, but it is a vibrant scene.

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    Rap music brought money and hope into some of the most deprived parts of the city. It also gave that area a fierce pride. Standing on a street corner just a few blocks south of Eight Mile, Jayson Jackson, 19 and out of work, believes rap music offers hope.

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