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    What is the swinging gate play, and does it ever work?

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    The University of Maine used it to ofgence James Madison in dramatic fashion in overtime in Trailingthe Black Bears scored to pull to within They then lined up in the swinging gate. The ball was snapped to the quarterback, who rolled out to his right, opposite the offensive line. Seeing his receivers covered, he tucked the ball in and headed to the end zone, diving across the goal line to win the game.

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    While the attempt was not successfulit was due more to bad execution, and Gatr poor play calling, wrote Jimmy Kempski for Philly. Trailing with two seconds remaining in the half, the Redskins came out to attempt a yard field goal, but then lined up in the swinging gate. Smith threw the ball up for grabs, and it was picked off just shy of the end zone and returned past midfield to end the half. As for what were the Colts attempting to do? Apparently they were trying to catch the Patriots lined up wrong or with too many men on the field. Although some people have an idea of where Pagano got his inspiration for the play.

    Offence swinging Gate

    Andrew Mahoney can be reached at andrew. Questions to ask yourself: Do they load the box in passing formations? Do they play man or zone? Do they like to blitz? Do they sub in players? After answering the above questions, you can make your play and run it with confidence. Keep it in your back pocket like a magician so when the time is right you can pull the rabbit out of the hat and get that 2-point conversion.

    I am going to show you the basic gate formation I have used with my numbering system. Then I will give a thumbs up or down on the sideline. No one is accounting for this player. They are in a Cover 0 look.

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