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    Check it out at thescoperadio. Well because breast tenderness in a year-old, those women are not having any hormonal fluctuations. Okay it's only one breast? It can be tenderness around the nipple or mostly it's about the rest of the breast tissue often in the upper outer quadrant of the breast.

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    All right and when was your last period? Now the rule outs, the rule outs, are most women actually can't remember if they bumped their breast or not. I, let's say I'm So Tirs think andont normal but let me check it out. That's a really good rule. Want to learn more about a health condition? If they bump their breast and gets a little tender then they keep mashing on that part of the breast So they don't have the rise and fall of hormones every month that make their breasts more swollen some times of the month than others. Most of the time we're not getting pregnant and so that's when the breast are tender.

    Tits andnot Tits tits small

    And then it keeps hurting and so it's very difficult for someone with a tender area for them to keep their hands off it and not keep exacerbating. So many women have a period of time that is up to two weeks, a little more, a little less, when their breasts can be very tender before the period from ovulation until the period is a time when the breasts are remodeling themselves thinking that they might be ready to getting pregnant. So your breasts are feeling kind of tender and they sort of hurt, is it a normal situation?

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