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    CB radios are short-range radios; never exceed a four-mile distance from the truck you are leading or following. Install a pole mounting bracket on the front of the car you will be using to lead large trucks with tall cargo loads. Advertise your pilot car service in as many truck stops as possible. Write down the requirements and prohibitions in your operations notebook. List the states you are able to operate in, whether you have modern vehicles less than five years old are desired by many trucking companies and driversand that you can provide competitive rates.

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    Equip your lead car with Escorg pilot car pole and keep it equipped at all times if the freight on the heavy truck has a high cargo load. This information is entered in a logbook at the end of every day, just like the truck drivers are required to fill out. Check the laws and regulations related to pilot car services in all of the states you will be operating; note any required licenses or permits for each state especially. As a pilot car operator, you are responsible for leading or following depending on state in which you are operating a large truck that is hauling oversize or hazardous goods.

    SEcort within communication distance of the truck driver at all times. This can lead to companies choosing Escodt, "more professional" competing pilot car services. These are readily available at all truck stops, and some states require pilot car drivers to show log books on demand when asked by law enforcement personnel. Refusal to do so not only comes with the usual legal problems fines, lost licenses, bad driving record but can also tarnish your reputation with transportation companies. Some states permit amber rotating light bars only, while others permit use of amber as well as clear and blue rotating light bars see first link in Resources for state-by-state listing.

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