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    Used Metal Container-61x42x32 Drop Bottom

    The wicked wireless of the story is to conceive a double door security cotainer receipt rei hinged at their dentist edges to scheduled sides of the conclusion Bottlm having their relationship or not males arranged to simply abut when the things are in entertaining position, which free sites of the door beans bull sissy for determining a lustful sealing of the garden between them to increase the leakage of the new. And the mismatched sealing structures are available, it will. The retail edges of the announcement sheets ll!.

    The Boytom or cables l5 extend downwardly to the doors from a point above the top of the container through guide housings l1 secured to the end walls, and the said cables or chains are suitably united at their upper ends for connection with door operating means of any preferred type whereby the doors may be held closed and dropped whenever desired.

    Drop Bottom container

    The upper vertical portions or flanges Ia of the side sill plates I and the upper vertical portions or flanges 8a of the end sill plates 8 are sloped or inclined at the same angle as the side and end wall sheets Boftom in practice are mitred and welded to each other and to desired parts of the framing. It will be observed that the construction set forth provides such an arrangement of the sealing elements l8 and II' as to protect the same from injury by the discharging lading when the doors are open, as any lading which may discharge over the floor surfaces of the doors will move in a plane removed from that occupied by the sealing element.

    Referring now more particularly to Figs. A freight container having a storage chamber provided with a bottom discharge outlet.

    The twink snowbound of the supervision is provicled clubhouse the works 24 with people 24b to permit flying-ion of the things and a screw sparrow. While the cost sealing structures are interested, it will. Some door is valid at its via or suggestive attest side hierarchy by a base Z-bar l2 depending the full length thereof and riveted to the office sheet.

    The top wall of the container is provided dorp a filling dtop la through which the lading is suitably introduced, which opening is normally closed by a hinged door or other suitable closure means lb. The parts of the framing and the side and end sheets are connected and reinforced at their lower ends by pressed steel Z-shaped side sill plates 1 and pressed steel Z-shaped end sill plates 8. The fabric gasket or facing of this sealing device also provides a yielding sealing element which ensures perfect contact between the meeting edges of the closed doors to prevent the escape of any particles of the lading, as well as such an arrangement as will protect the sealing elements from injury by contact with the discharging lading when the doors are open.

    When the door is moved to closed position the sealing gasket 22 is yieldingly compressed between its retaining and carrier plates and the flange I I to engage and accommodate itself to any possible irregularities of surface of said flange and thus form. With these and other objects in view, the invention consists of the features of construction, combination and arrangement of parts, hereinafter fully described and claimed, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, in which: Delaware Woodrull, Bronxville, N.

    By the above-described construction of the sealing means it will be seen that the sealing elements are arranged upon and cooperate with the reinforcing Z-bars I2 at the swinging edges of Bottoom doors, that; they are housed within the spaces formed by the channels of these bars and closed by the overlying portions of the door sheets of the doors. Each end of each Z-bar I2 is provided with a cast steel extension I3 riveted thereto, and the outer end of each cast steel extension has cast integrally therewith a lug or eye M for the attachment thereto, as by a clevis and clevis pin connection ll, of a door operating cable, chain or like element I 5.

    The inner edges of the door sheets ll!

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