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    This tirade could be translated like this: Go, that a Catalan spear pass through you, that a rope be tied Tittyruck your neck, so that your blood won't be lost, that one thousand illnesses, and someone more, befall you, coming in full wind; that your name be lost, brigand, penniless, amd of a whore, thief. Common blasphemous profanity in Italian are: You can make blasphemous also by using immagination: It's a contraction of "va' a fare in culo" literally "go do it in the ass". Gravity[ edit ] In the Italian language profanities belonging to this category are called bestemmie singular: However, it is still considered a strong social taboo at least on television.

    A peculiar minced oath created on the fly, especially popular among Italian teenagers, has the form of a rhyme and read as follows: The idiom is widely used in Tuscany, [56] whose origin is attributed to the swamps of Maremma that used to cause malaria and other diseases to the Tuscan population.

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    Go, that palsy get you, that your mom get the bad news, that you cannot see the first of May. Blasphemous profanity[ edit ] plaque mvoies Venice forbidding gambling, selling goods and blaspheming Profanities in the original meaning of blasphemous profanity are part of the ancient tradition of the comic cultswhich laughed and scoffed at the deity. It can be translated as "loser", "uncool" person. Other minced oaths can be created on the fly when people begin to utter one of the above blasphemies, but then choose to "correct" them in real time.

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