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    Lecturer jailed after friend died from Dark Web drugs

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    That weat why I am left with no alternative but to lock you up. It gives me no pleasure, quite the opposite. You are a man of absolute exemplary character and huge ability. You have probably ruined your career. Chris Brewin, mitigating, said Purser had never been in trouble before and is now receiving counselling for post traumatic stress over the death of his friend.

    Wear bikini Ntu lecturer

    Purser had refused advice to decline to answer police questions, said Mr Brewin, who told the judge: They made a fatal mistake, a fatal decision to drink and have these drugs. Are the orientation camp organizers even aware that they are driving away conservative students from coming to orientation camps? Why is the school orientation organizer discriminating against conservatives? Furthermore, girls who do not have a hot body are discouraged from attending because they are self-conscious and do not feel comfortable being half-naked around their male peers.

    It is also very insensitive because Muslim and Christian parents may not want their daughters to be skimpily dressed and engaging in promiscuous behaviour at an orientation camp.

    It is outrageous to have put so much effort into educating weag daughter to grow into a woman of good character, only to end up with her studying at a 'good' school whose culture promotes slutty behaviour. The undertone of the orientation camps at the universities is very sexual. The orientation camps are almost dating events. There's a lot of focus on sexual tension.

    People are told to write secret pal letters to someone of the opposite gender and there are activities that involve a guy and girl passing an object by lecurer or taking bites out of the same food. There are half-naked guys carrying girls. Honestly, I won't be surprised if there are even shops selling condoms on campus! I hope the Ministry of Education will work with the universities to abolish such promiscuous games at school orientation camps. There should be code of conduct and rules against immodest attire at orientation camps.

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