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    Kind and sexy housewives only. Penny her attorneys, Oon peaked on the victory of the Doctor's uncommon and raunchy hands. Manuscript thanks to TheDoctorMulder for stopping to give read this.

    Feel free to use this fic as inspiration for your own medical fetish-based fics. Special thanks to TheDoctorMulder for helping to beta read this. It hadn't been something she had really thought on, for some time, though she supposed she was due a physical. I'm more than qualified. Do you have a problem with that? To the med bay then. No time like the present and the quicker we get started, the sooner its over for you. Upon arriving in the med bay, Rose noted with interest that the Doctor had tidied up at some point. Usually there would be equipment strewn about all over the floor, let alone the benches.

    The room felt warmer than usual and a contrast to the gloomy chill of the console room. He must have turned the heating on in here for her earlier. It seemed as though the Doctor had planned for this check-up and had made an effort to make her more comfortable.

    Gyn chair on Bondage

    As she made to sit on the padded seat, the Doctor donned his black rimmed brainy specs, before removing his gyj jacket, electing to throw it over Boncage back of a chair, rather Bondahe use the coat stand in the corner of pn room. When he rolled up his shirt sleeves, she realised he must have been feeling warmer than usual in the heated room. It wasn't often she got to see him shed Bondagr any layers and it made kn feel quite privileged, as well as horny. He closed the distance between them, rolling his seat forward and adjusting its height. He was immeasurably close to her now, her knees tucked between the brown pinstriped, outstretched ones of his long well-built runner's legs and Rose had to remember to breathe.

    Gently, he pushed her tongue down with the offending item and gripped her chin, peering to examine her even closer, shining his light inside the cavern. The amount of time the Doctor took about the inspection, Rose thought he might well have been counting all her teeth! It wasn't exactly enjoyable having her tongue squashed down and keeping her mouth open so long like that. Finally, the Doctor removed the intrusion and threw it away, not even looking, as it landed squarely in the waste bin across the room. With a click of his pen, the Doctor began to scrawl on his notepad. Rose peered over in order to glimpse what he was noting down, but was disappointed to see his handwriting was made up of those unreadable swirls and circles of the Doctor's own language.

    The strange symbols reminded her of clockwork, which she thought suited the Time Lord.

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    Hold still now, there's a good girl. Won't oon long," the Doctor assured her soothingly, as he peered through the scope to inspect her chalr canal. Popping a clean cap on the device, he took a Bohdage longer with this one, until a familiar beeping sound was emitted. She assumed the device must have doubled as a thermometer. You're doing so well," the Doctor complemented Rose's fyn and took down chaair notes. It didn't go unnoticed, the way his fingers grazed over bottom lip. It'll take a few minutes," he advised and began smoothing his hands together.

    I'm trying to warm up my hands for you. Rose just nodded, rather than attempt to talk around the annoying tube. Closing her eyes, Rose focused on the sensation of the Doctor's gentle and caressing hands. A bondage to a penitent or pillory, which can be overcome with a pure physical force, often erodes the charm of a session. A BDSM furniture in our quality, however, quickly shows the boundaries of the passive part. The fall into the role and the surrender are thus again intensified. Stable and valuable Thanks to the high stability and durability of the furniture, it is also possible to enjoy shackles in various forms.

    Regardless of whether you tie your partner to the BDSM furniture or punish it thoroughly! Since our SM furniture is made of high-quality and, above all, non-allergenic material, it is not only very easy to clean, but is also ideally suited for allergy sufferers. The disinfection of the furniture is also quick and simple.

    You do not have to look at the surface and see if the disinfectant is in harmony with the coating or varnishing of the furniture. Our medical stainless steel can be disinfected simply and mainly. Such BDSM furniture is an investment which will continue to pay off in the future. While cheap BDSM furniture often suffer from their appearance and functionality after a few months of intensive use, our BDSM furniture still looks like the first day.

    The great and tingling stainless steel look gives the play room its own charm and conveys harshness and consistency. A sub or slave bound to one of our BDSM furniture can not be so easy to get rid of. And if you also use our fucking machines with the appropriate accessories, your passive part will quickly whimper for rest and grace. With our BDSM furniture, you have the ability to manipulate the pleasure and pain of your subs in a targeted way and to live out your desires. Our BDSM furniture will inspire you with: Their high functionality and the wide range of possible applications Their high stability and resilience Your long life thanks to high quality materials You will also be convinced:

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