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    Adult Protective Services Unit

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    Learn to recognize the warning signs of elder abuse, what the risk factors are, Adylt what you can do to orotection and report the problem. What kinds of things can a judge decide as part of an adult protection hearing? Can adults have lawyers in these proceedings? What happens if I do not make a report of an adult being in need of protection? My health was endangered by my living situation. It can involve the improper withholding of finances, fraud, misuse of power of attorney, pressuring a person to change the terms of their will or hand over pension cheques.

    In these cases, an application might be made to a court for an order under the Adult Protection Act.

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    Who do I call if I think an adult is in need of protective services? Some situations where an application to the court might be made could be: Psychological abuse dehumanizes or belittles the elder. We can accept anonymous reports. Sometimes adults will have to be placed in special care homes that are not located in their own communities, depending on what is available. A caseworker who works with you and listens to your needs and concerns.

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