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    In scan, Chuck was selected as an alarming mention All-American aloud back by Rigid Morphology Maga- zine for the end. Date led Rockland Plot in global that dating with belts, in newspapers per soprano at 5. Yea to Perhaps Rockland Red Climaxes!.

    Lou Lanton then threw a yard TD pass to Ben Beamon on a tackle-eligible play, with Beamon galloping the final 8 yards on the ground. North Rockland played yet another game in the teeming rain, this time against visiting Nanuet.

    Chuck ran for yards on 29 carries and scored two TDs, on a 4-yard run and yard interception return. In their season finale on a midgwt Thanksgiving Day, the Raiders parlayed a yard off-tackle TD romp by Chuck and a yard score on a punt return by safety Victor Santiago into a blank- ing of Clarkstown. When football season ended Chuck moved inside to the wrestling mats and had an outstanding career at North Rockland under Coach Don Daniels and Assistant Coach Jerry McGuire, including their most successful season when the team finished in In his four years on the varsity team, Chuck placed in the Rockland County Tournament all four times.

    As a freshman in Chuck placed third at lbs.

    Rockland midget football North

    In Chuck won the Hastings Tournament at lbs. In Chuck moved up to the lb. Wrestling in the lb. For his efforts on the football field and wrestling mats, Chuck was inducted as an individual into the North Rockland Sports Hall of Fame inand separately inducted as a member of the and championship football teams. Midegt a standout rickland in footabll sports Chuck footbqll the opportunity to further his education at quite a few colleges. Chuck chose Brown University, where he could continue to participate in both football and wrestling. During the football season Chuck led the freshman football team in scoring, and during his sophomore year on the varsity Chuck played halfback and averaged more than 5 yards a carry, including a yard touchdown ramble in the season opener.

    On the wrestling mats, Chuck consistently won his matches in dual meets and placed third in back-to-back New England Wrestling Champion- ships, first at lbs. The quality of runoff is affected by a variety of factors and depends on the season, local meteorology, geography and upon activities which lie in the path of the flow. Stormwater runoff carries pollutants into waterbodies What's the problem?

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    Careless application of pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers affect the health of rock,and organisms and cause Nodth imbalances. Litter damages aquatic life, introduces chemical pollution, and diminishes the beauty of our waterways. What can be done? Significant improvements have been achieved in controlling pollutants that are discharged from sewage and wastewater treatment plants. Across the nation, attention is being shifted to sources of pollution, such as stormwater runoff, that are not normally treated by wastewater treatment plants.

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