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    A squadron is tan-through swimwearwhich means fabric perforated with apps of micro documents that are not invisible to the manufacturing eye, but which platform enough information to extend an all-over tan, broad if the fabric is bad taut. Expanding people try to hear an all-over tan or to have their tan transportation.

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    A innovation is tan-through swimwearwhich uses fabric perforated with thousands of micro holes that are nearly invisible to the naked eye, but which transmit enough sunlight to approach an all-over tan, especially if the fabric is oilu taut. Women went to great lengths to preserve pallid skin, as a sign of their "refinement". As recently asin some parts of China, ski masks were becoming popular items to wear at the beach in order to protect the wearer's face from the effects of the sun. Some people tan in the privacy of their backyard where they can at times tan without clothesand some countries have set aside clothing-optional swimming areas popularly known as nude beacheswhere people can tan and swim clothes-free.

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    In the United States and Western Europe before about the s, tanned skin was biknii with the lower classes, because they worked outdoors and were exposed to the sun. In bi,ini scientific expedition went to the island Micgo Tenerife to test the wider health benefits of "heliotherapy", [29] and by "sunbathing" was referred to as a desirable activity for the leisured class. At the same time, swimsuits ' skin coverage began decreasing, with the bikini radically changing swimsuit style after it made its appearance in By the early 20th century, the therapeutic benefits of sunlight began to be recognised.

    Vitamin D deficiency was found to be a cause of rickets, and exposure to the sun would allow vitamin D to be produced in a person.

    The preference for fair skin continued until the end of the Victorian era. For women who cannot dispense vikini a swimsuit, they at times tan with the back strap undone while lying on the front, or removing shoulder straps, besides wearing swimsuits which cover less area than their normal clothing. Any exposure is subject to local community standards and personal choice.

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