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    "antique clawfoot tub" in Classifieds in Ontario

    Again, this is all from there cleaning — no real refinishing or reglazing throated on with the luxurious. Brandywine Interact had a separate line that nameless Bellefonte to Dorset, but by aboutframes replaced the people.

    Results were not very good. Confidence levels majorly wavered at this point.

    Undeterred, we decided to try a more generous application of BKF is that what the kids are calling it these days? In the meantime, we also used a heavy duty Magic Eraser on some of the other spots, which is another tip you guys shared for trying to clean up an old tub. It certainly helped, but was a bit slow-going. It still required A LOT of elbow grease, but it was insanely satisfying to see those rust streaks dissipating. The final results are not flawless, but we are more than satisfied with how it looks. Just picture me in there wearing a black turtleneck for modesty reasons. This feels like a good moment for a before and after.

    Again, this is all from just cleaning — no actual refinishing or reglazing went on with the inside. Our first step was to sand it down, mostly just to get all of the already flaking paint off so we could have a relatively smooth surface to paint. Many have it, which is extremely dangerous, especially if kids will be bathing in them. We were thrilled to find out ours was clean- most likely since the outside was painted sometime after lead was phased out and since the inside had never been reglazed.

    Foot Vintage tub claw

    clqw First we used some coarse sanding blocks to scrub all of the exterior by hand, which was slow going, but definitely knocked a bunch of old dry paint flakes to the ground. It knocked off even more of the loosest parts of the old finish in no time. Some are fairly simple and plain. Others have bold designs or incredible detail of animal claws.

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    They can be refinished to match or contrast with the exterior, but the recommended treatment is to have them plated in chrome, nickel, bronze or even gold. Once your tub is refinished, Miracle Method can assist you in finding antique reproduction faucets, handles, drains, and overflow covers to make your antique tub functional. Refinishing brought new life to this old beauty! Miracle Method specializes in clawfoot tubs and other period fixtures, including farmhouse sinks. We have the best porcelain refinishing process and craftsmen in the industry to provide a durable and beautiful restoration. Inside refinished in glossy white. Outside refinished in Natural Accents. That is after removing the dirt, flowers and plants.

    And only if you want to take a bath outside. With the neighbors watching. And cars passing by. Why, why, why, is there a bathtub on the street in Bellefonte? Clawfoot tubs can hold between 40 to 60 gallons of water. A classic clawfoot tub made of cast iron with a porcelain finish can weigh between and pounds. Add water or, in this case, dirt, and it will increase to between and pounds. You can see the tub from the front yard of All American Roofing Co. The business has been at Brandywine Blvd.

    Vintagw A manager at Bellefonte Cafe at Brandywine Blvd. No one seemed to know, so they tossed it out to their Facebook community. There was a suggestion that the tub marks Bellefonte history going back to around

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