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    His wife, Jena Cordova, told me that she would nhde lucky to have one such picture from her own childhood; Stella and her older brother Takota have thousands. In the worst instances, commenters have accused Neumann of trading in kiddie porn. And maybe there is something slightly tragic to be said about the Internet having conditioned us all to look at things through smut-colored glasses.

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    I got to know him through the artifacts he left. My life with my father is something I lived through in photos. The nude photos are gross and disturbing. He accompanies each photo with his original Instagram caption — usually with the hashtag dadlife — and a comment from a complete stranger. His work is brilliant and gorgeous—the way he captures childhood in this fleeting way. Contact us at editors time. Many of the ensuing comments were profanity-laced.

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    And then came the hate: It makes me sad for a lot of people that it would even cross their minds. From there the images made their way to the online message board Get Off My Internets. You may have even posted a photo just like it of your own kid. Parenting trolls descended with a vengeance, flagging so many of his pictures that his account was suspended mid-roadtrip — 6, photos gone — but not before flooding his posts and inbox with hate speech and insults. It was clearly too much for some to stomach.

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