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    Mahjong playing and eye-hand coordination in older adults—a cross-sectional study

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    During playing, every player has to pay attention to certain tiles becoming available to form Mahjog pong or win the game. Playing mahjong requires bilateral hand activity. In addition, just like other mental games, each game is a new exercise presenting a completely different combination of stimuli for the players 6.

    Adult Mahjong

    He takes the discard Magjong reveals all Mahkong pieces This enrolls the participation of the non-dominant hand much more than many other activities. With its advantages in nurturing social interaction and mental training, mahjong playing can be introduced to the elderly as a low cost leisure time activity requiring little space. Further studies using a randomized control trial design are warranted. Repeating such complex movements may improve arm control, which could lead to a better end-point accuracy.

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    The four players have to position their blocks in a square castle shape. Older people could develop ways to anticipate movements so that when required, as in playing mahjong, their movements can be quick and efficient. Williams 3 in his review also concluded that aging individuals can profit from practice or experience in a wide variety of perceptual and motor tasks. Arch Phys Med Rehabil, Mahjong playing, a traditional and popular game in Chinese society, is easily accepted by older adults of disparate health status. During each game, there would be quite a lot of repeated reaching and grasping movements in getting or throwing down tiles.

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