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    Dildo and butt plug. Instead, you can use the extra shaft length to get a better grasp on the dildo. Factors like which phase of you menstrual cycle you are in [ 5 ], stress, fatigue, illness and your level of arousal all play into how good — or poor — a particular dildo session or technique can feel. Lying Down — Many people naturally masturbate facing the ceiling.

    My most powerful sex tricks and tips aren't on this site. You can watch it by clicking here. Learn more about your A Spot here. I cover many different techniques in detail on how to get yourself in the mood in this section of the Vibrator Guide. You can simply find one that feels comfortable when inserted and keep it there while you stimulate your clit to orgasm.

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    For a detailed guide on finding your G Spot galkery other techniques you can use to stimulate it, check out this guide. You can also surprise a partner by introducing new techniques and toys — if he or she is comfortable with them — into the bedroom. You can find more masturbation techniques here. There are four ways to enjoy double penetration with a dildo. Overly soft dildos can make this action more difficult, however.

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