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    Latex Butadiene

    Unsourced Butadienr may be challenged and removed. SB latexes are also used in paper saturation for the production of specialty papers and board to obtain resistance to grease or petroleum, or to improve strength at high temperatures. The remainder is used for coating paperboard products commercially produced coated paperboard such as folding cartons for food packaging uses. SBR is often used as part of cement based substructural basement waterproofing systems where as a liquid it is mixed with water to form the Gauging solution for mixing the powdered Tanking material to a slurry.

    SBR aids the bond strength, reduces the potential for shrinkage larex adds an element of flexibility. Butadene markets in Japan and Other Asia excluding China have been flat to declining as well during the same period. SB latex improves brightness uniformity as well as print performance. However, in the next five years, Chinese demand and capacity will grow at a much slower rate. The latex functions as the laminating adhesive for a secondary backing primarily polypropylenebut it can also function as the actual backing on some carpets so-called unitary back carpets.

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    Because of the fragmentation and low overall growth in the market, it is possible to expect a further rationalization of the supply structure, including more capacity rationalization including unit closures. A majority of SB latex binders are used on coated printing papers such as magazines, annual reports, label stock, advertising flyers, and catalogs. The exception is China, which has Butadiene latex capacity expansion to meet demand for SB latex end-use applications. In addition, it optimizes glueability, stiffness, and scoring, and enhances ink and varnish performance. The second major outlet for SB latex is in backcoatings for tufted carpets.

    As a result of a growing middle class, improved standard of living, and adoption of global consumer brands, capacity and production quantities are currently ramping up in China. It is also used in building applications, as a sealing and binding agent behind renders as an alternative to PVAbut is more expensive. Latex backcoatings hold the tufts in place, anchoring the pile fibers, providing improved stability and resistance to fraying or tuft loss at the cut edges of the carpets.

    The impact of Bjtadiene on paper production and movement to carpet flooring alternatives Growing imports of coated papers into traditional producing regions Western Europe and North America Coated paper mill closures and general reduction s in production In paper coatings applications, SB latex has better properties than other materials, especially for wet applications such as paper drink carriers. Additionally, it is used in some rubber cutting boards. Accordingly, several SB latex plants are located in that region.

    Styrene-butadiene-vinylpyridine terpolymers, which are used almost exclusively for tire cord treatments, represent a minimal portion.

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