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    Individuals and groups practice this on a regular basis in the backyard sauna or pool, but larger group participation occurs in publicly approved places. Sleeping, reading, household chores and driving immediately come to mind as fitting into the naked friendly category. A British tradition, if one can call a few competitive attempts a tradition, also boasts a world record. Different state and international organizations keep records for formal skydiving or parachute feats. According to the Guinness Book of Records, the current record for a group naked roller coaster ride was set in by a group of riders at an amusement park in Scotland.

    Nudity was also an integral part of the original Olympic Games.

    Record world Naked

    Watch her in action and read more about this amazing dog. Currently the record for the largest nude wedding consists of twenty nine couples, married in Jamaica. He's a soccer goalie superdog! The AANR holds such an event annually, although not always on such a large scale.

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    His largest naked photo shoot, a event, occurred in Mexico City's Qorld square, when some 18, individuals posed in various positions. To watch the full version click here. The proceeding of the event went to a local charity. Inan informal organization - The World Naked Bike - provided the impetus for expanding the activity to a global scale.

    Nakeed Today the event extends to seventy cities in twenty countries, making each year a record setting largest naked bike ride. Many of the photo shoots also address a larger topic. On the one hand, Western culture has long celebrated the human form as a subject of beauty.

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