• Information supplement requirement 11.3 penetration testing

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    An Analysis of PCI DSS Requirement and the Compliance Expectations

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    Second, the requirement calls for additional testing if segmentation is used to reduce scope, and the testing must be specific to segmentation. This will be elaborated on later in this article, but preparing now will help reduce effort and save time while also alleviating some of the anxiety as the January 31, effective date approaches. What is the impact on merchants? This specific requirement cannot, by its definition, be the responsibility of the customer, and any assertion otherwise should be closely investigated. Understanding the difference, or similarities, of penetration testing versus segmentation testing is extremely important.

    Until recently, the challenge was that there was not a clear Ifnormation between the expected penetration test and the second annual segmentation test. This confusion led to two interpretations: A service provider must have a full penetration test performed twice a year. Essentially, this entailed conducting the same test twice with the same scope of work and level of effort. A service provider must have a full penetration test performed once a year, and another test the extent of which was not clearly defined six months later. The second interpretation full penetration test, followed by a limited test six months later is the appropriate understanding of the requirement and guidance.

    Supplement testing penetration requirement Information 11.3

    This is active exploitation- not passive vulnerability detection or verification they exist. Here is a very short exercise for those new to the science of social engineering: Does development sanitize remove sensitive data credit card numbers from the databases they use? What are the odds of the help desk team walking off with a computer… or maybe out of the building? Does your new-hire process carefully identify employees before issuing user credentials? Ever tried sneaking in with a batch of new hires? Do remote offices carefully validate the identity and work orders for support personnel? Do remote offices disdain visits from technical support?

    Does the help desk carefully authenticate callers needing help for password resets? Special situations require special responses. All processes have a shortcut, there is always someone with the ability skip a step or make a judgment call. Perform network segmentation testing to validate if segmentation controls and methods are effective and operational The major objective of penetration testing is to determine ways by which a malicious user can achieve unauthorized access to cardholder data. The scope of work in a vulnerability scan is limited to identifying, ranking and reporting vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities if exploited, may result in compromise of system whereas penetration testing is a step ahead where the scope is to identify ways to exploit vulnerabilities to overthrow security controls.

    For a system to fall in this category it should satisfy either of the following 2 conditions: The system is on the same network segment as the system which is storing, processing or transmitting cardholder data The system provides security service for a system which is storing, processing or transmitting cardholder data. Example of such security service, include: Antivirus server Authentication or access management servers Log server Following points shall be considered while deciding the scope of penetration testing activity: But this is only if the segmentation testing has verified that segmentation controls are operational and effective.

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