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    Here Are 14 Of The Highest Paid Adult Film Stars In The World

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    Her popularity rose quickly, thanks to her good looks and on-screen, shall we say, enthusiasm. In her first year, she won several adult film awards, and was being called the next Jenna Jameson. She also appears in the seventh season of the popular HBO series, Entourage, where she plays herself and girlfriend to character Vincent Chase. She began her career in porn with her first hardcore film, in Inshe was elected to the Italian Parliament, in which she served one term until Once elected, she famously and unsuccessfully offered to have sex with Saddam Hussein for the release of his foreign hostages.

    During her term, she continued to make hardcore films. While other politicians vehemently deny sexual relations while in office, she was quite open about her antics, and even gave political speeches with one breast exposed. She also recorded a few songs, one becoming a minor hit. She is now 58, has written her memoirs and is the mother of one son. By the time she was 18, she had appeared in over adult films, almost all of which were made when she was underage. Once discovered, inthe fallout was huge, costing the porn industry millions. Distributors and video stores were obliged to pull hundreds of thousands of her videos off shelves, to avoid child pornography charges.

    Lords was arrested, but with all the media coverage, she became a household name. Her autobiography was a New York Times bestseller. Today, Lords continues to make mainstream movies, mostly low budget, straight to DVD films. She had a strict religious upbringing and was involved in an accident and contracted Hepititis from a blood transfusion. While healing, she became involved with Chuck Traynor, whom she later married, then accused of brutal beatings and forcing her to make porn at gunpoint and with threats and drugs. InLinda was in another major accident and never recovered.

    She rejoined her career in china with queeh first met due, in She also made some relief bread from selling her blacking to Projectile.

    She died at the age of She left behind two children from a second marriage. Witness the tragic qeen of this beautiful cultural icon in the emotionally charged hit film Lovelace qqueen Amazon. A couple of lowbrow claims to fame were his ability to perform self-fellatio and his lack of need for any stimulants Viagra is apparently very popular among male porn actors. The Legend of Ron Jeremy. Known mostly for his large penis, Holmes later gained notoriety for his involvement in a drug related shooting in LA. Born in Ohio inHolmes kicked around most of his teenage life due to problems at home.

    Here are some of the highest paid adult actors! Jenna Jameson Porn Famoua turned webcam model and entrepreneur Porm Jameson is known as the queen of the genre. Her massive net worth is due to the wide range her brand is associated with, including books, memorabilia and other products. She also quefn some major dough from selling quee website to Playboy. Tera Patrick Tera started acting in adult films in and went on to become super popular, appearing on mainstream TV shows, other appearances and generally being one of the few successful porn actors to hit the big time.

    She quit acting in porn inbut continues to keep that bank balance high by operating her website, production company, and other business ventures. Peter North Peter North, another legend of the industry, has appeared in over adult films, directed more than 70 movies, produced 20 movies and runs his own production company called Northstar Associates. He's almost 60, but he's also rich, and seems pretty happy with himself most of the time. Traci Lords Traci acted in several pornographic films before quitting it all and making the transition to mainstream cinema.

    Jesse Jane Jesse Jane has received numerous award for her performances in adult films, and she is also a celebrated Penthouse model. She also has her own brand and line of sex toys as well as her own line of tequila, and is all in all one of the big names of porn, and thereby very highly paid. Maria Takagi Maria is a Japanese actress who started her career as a model before going on to do roles in adult TV shows, where she would usually play the role of a charlatan seducing married men. She has also appeared in several mainstream movies and shows. Ron Jeremy The inimitable Ron Jeremy, with his trademark moustache, has acted in movies and directed adult films.

    He's considered one of the greatest porn stars of all time, has slept with almost women and he's rich. Proof that looks don't matter, but size does. Bree Olson Bree Olson has worked with some of the biggest companies in the porn industry, and has made big bucks at a really young age. She's been in Penthouse as a model and also appeared in some TV shows, all at by the age of Katie Morgan Katie actually first entered the porn industry to make money to pay off her bail after being arrested for transporting 45 kilos of weed!

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