• Vintage ampeg v-2 s

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    Vintage Ampeg V2 Head Tube 2 Channel Bass Guitar Amp

    All hubs are by the document and Vintage Guitar pay. Even the other-issue replacements made by Godfather-Harmonix are pricey.

    Smith October 19, 8: The phase-inverter tube used in this amp, ais Vintave harder to find than the output tubes, since none are in production anywhere today, and supplies of NOS tubes are drying up fast. Comment by James September 28, Even the recent-issue replacements made by Electro-Harmonix are pricey. No where in the info does it say where this unit is manufactured.

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    This was further compounded by the one chief competitor Hull disliked the most; Fenderas they continually bested Ampeg in overall sales. Ampeg Portaflex In the lates Jess Oliver invented [8] a combo amplifier with a chassis that could be inverted and tucked inside the speaker enclosure to protect the vacuum tubes. The high power rating made the SVT a candidate for use in larger venues. So I assume it is not part of the Heritage Series. But, fast-forward nearly 50 years and these things make great avenues to original tones in the arenas of alternative, indie, blues-rock, Americana, and roots-rock.

    S Vintage ampeg v-2

    Comment by Rich M August 17, 3: I cannot tell a company where they should have their factories but I can choose not to buy Vnitage products. How did they do it? What might have seemed a propensity to predict which tubes would be difficult for future owners to acquire — and then go with those — was more likely just an effort to keep abreast of the latest tube technology, along with a drive to be different from the pack.

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