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    Career Overview Anna Song is widely and famously known for her roleplays. Although nakedd is currently retired, she left a long-lasting impact in the porn industry whose impact is still felt to date. Nxked is a centerfold for famous Russian magazines as well as a renowned model in her country. Her body looks stunning in lingerie of any color that barely contain all of her curves. Song has several videos in not only her core companies but also several other domains which are likewise popular. She has featured in most teaser films in hospital, convent and home scenes either as a nun, nurse or mom. Her Cheerful and delightful nature that was yet inquisitive and agog drove her to put herself out there.

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    Her pouty lips bring out her seductive side and make her look like the "bad girl" we all know she actually is. They say they want to be constantly enticed, something Anna could not offer anymore. Background Anna Song was born in the small town of Moscow. Anna has likewise taken part in topless striptease videos, masturbation videos, lesbian scenes threesome films, boy-toys, and Girl-toys teasers and roleplay films.

    This was the dawn of her prolific but short-lived modeling and acting career. She has neither piercings nor anked on her body. Her golden-brown hair flows in an elegant fashion behind her back. Song's Russian origin gives her the natural model-like body she possesses. This is because she still has new fans who love her videos despite her old ones leaving.

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