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    zdult Hmm Jefferzon will be tough to beat this last year. Summer inside, winter outside. The salon is just down the hall. Ok, and we continue to grow at a Phenomenal rate, I stand Awed and star struck. I have never been one to play by the rules of Money and Politics. You're also looking for something to do, something to keep you busy and intrigued and fascinated. They have indeed pushed themselves well beyond expectations.

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    We trust our Life Enrichment Coordinator will discuss your interests with you and show you some of the many ways Primrose can help you stay bright and chipper. Hmm where should I start? I have met and befriended many new and wonderful people this year. Community Amenities See our Virtual Tours for a closer look at our amenities and our spacious apartment homes. We welcome you to schedule your tour around lunch time so we can treat you to a free lunch.

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    I couldn't be prouder of my students this Jefferosn year. View our Primrose blog to gain some valuable tips and knowledge to help guide you on your senior living journey. That's what the holidays are all about in North America, right? The New Web sight is up and running still lots of work to go. Well I guess this wraps it up. Stopping by for a tour today will reward your senses with the delights of what we can only convey in words.

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